Landmark International Baptist Church Organizes Family Programme

CAN President

By: AMOS TAUNA,  Kaduna

Landmark International Baptist Church, Industrial Layout, Kakuri- Kaduna, has organized a three-day family programme aimed at educating couples on how best to live together in peace and understanding.

The senior pastor of the Church, Rev. Dr. Joe Onuche, said that the present challenges the society is faced with could be attributed to lack of inculcating norms and values that the family is known with.

The three-day programme tagged, “Staying strong together intimacy”, according to Dr Onuche is to ensure the family lives together in peace and better understanding of each other, stressing that it would ensure a better way of members worshipping God Almighty in truth and spirit.

He explained, ” The programme is to encourage members of the church to be united, strong, grow and evangelize the world.

“The family is falling apart and so there is the need to reinforce what God commanded us to do by ensuring the family lives together in peace and in the fear of God so that by extension, have a God fearing society that will live in peace and unity.

“The family is the central focus and looking at the present situation in the country with all sorts of social vices becoming the order of the day, the church has to play its natural role by inculcating the basic teachings of the word of God that gives the church practical solutions to the present happenings in the society.”

The associate pastor, Rev. Dr. Ige Olumide added that the three-day programme was meant to help the family understand themselves especially couples on the need for a peaceful family, stressing that it is the only way to appreciate each other and ensure better understanding for a better and peaceful society.

Some members expressed gratitude to the leadership of the church for organizing the programme assuring that it would go a long way towards ensuring better understanding between husbands and wifes and by extension ensure a peaceful society.

Barrister Yahaya Achadu, explained that the programme has afforded members of the church, especially couples to learn to accommodate and bear with each other as commanded by God Almighty.

He observed that the programme has further exposed couples’ weaknesses and strength, adding that by so doing, husbands and wives would learn how to better communicate and treat each other for peace in the home and better way of serving the Almighty.

Mrs Kehinde Mojisoluwa Abraham, noted that the three-day programme would cement good relationship between husbands and wives as well as expose some areas that have stood as  hindrances for peaceful relationship in the home.

She commended the efforts of the leadership of the church and enjoined other churches to do same to ensure better understanding between husbands and wives and by extension reduce the rate of divorces in the society.


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