Kwankwaso To Commission First Private Reformation Institute In Kano



Recall that In 2011, when Sen. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso returned as the Governor of Kano, he met a rise in cases of drug abuse, thuggery and joblessness.

The youth were only used as political thugs by politicians and many who were mingling as political beggars at government offices.

Kwankwaso formed a task force that fought illicit drug dealers and drug abusers in Kano.

He established an institution of reformation and that of Security Guard, all with the aim of curtailing drug abuse, thuggery and joblessness of the uneducated youths in Kano.

The institute of reformation was established in order to rehabilitate and build the capacities of drug addicts, so that they may become responsible and productive citizens, thereby reducing the rates of crimes in Kano which were mostly as result of drug abuse.In the institute.

The inmates were trained on how to produce shoes, garment, tailoring and many other things, which upon graduation, the government of Kwankwaso empowered many sets with capital to start-up their bussinesses.

While in the institute of Security Guard, the jobless youth were trained and employed as security guards of government and private agencies while others as KAROTA staff.

He gave them jobs, taking them off the streets and offices of Politicians.

They were no more liabilities to the society. They became self-defendant and real people.

Undoubtedly, that has put smiles on the faces of parents, spouses, relatives and children of the victims.

Having, converted them from socio-security time bombs to productive populace, through that initiative, the state witnessed socio-economic boom and security.

Hence, people went about their daily tasks with peace of mind and tranquility without the fear of intimidation by jobless youth.

With the recent rise in thuggery and drug abuse, Kwankwaso as a private citizen decided to establish the first reformatory institute in Kano, all in an effort to curtail the aforementioned menaces.

In a statement by Kwankwasiyya Media Aide, Ibrahim Adam, the event which is scheduled to take place on Thursday October 2021, would be attended by leaders of the Kwankwasiyya Movement and other progressive minded individuals.


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