KSHA Passes Public Finance Control and Management Bill 2016 into Law


By; Samson Yaki, Kaduna.
The Kaduna State House of Assembly has passed the Bill for the law to provide for the control and management of public finance of Kaduna State.
The law which will promote and enhance proper management of resources of the state received a unanimous blessings of the Legislators after due deliberations.
In the words of the Speaker of the House, Honourable Abdulahi Shagali, “this law shall be cited as Kaduna State public finance control and management law 2016,… and shall apply to the Consolidated Fund, payments into and from the Consolidated Fund, estimates of revenue and expenditure of the state, authorization of expenditures and appropriation, authorisation of expenditure in advance of
appropriation and authorisation of excess expenditure”.
Honourable Shagali also added that, “Nothing in this Act shall extend to abridge or alter the term of any trust or shall
be construed as authorising the making of any regulations or the giving of any directions or instructions requiring any person to obey such regulations, directions or instructions in relation to moneys held on trust which contravene or are
inconsistent with the terms of such trust”.
The Law further provides that no public officer shall accept appointment as a trustee without the written authority of the Commissioner and any appointment contrary to this
section shall be void.
And by this Law the Commissioner may make such regulations not inconsistent with the provisions of this Act as may appear to him to be necessary and expedient for the proper carrying out of the intent and purpose of this Act; and that the Commissioner shall so supervise the finances of the State Government as to ensure that a full account is made to the State Assembly and for such purposes shall, subject to the provisions of this Act have the management of the Consolidated Fund and the Development Fund and the supervision,control and direction of all matters relating to the financial affairs of the State.


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