Keeping your kids healthy this school year


By Jonathan Pitts

With various viruses like Swine Flu on the loose, the thought of sending our children to school has become painful. How can we expose them to the dangers that this world carries. But, we can’t keep them at home forever either. To deal with this problem, we have to come to some compromise and find ways to keep the children safe yet in full capability to enjoy themselves.
. Give them healthy food. When you are a child, you don’t really understand the benefits that certain foods have and the dangers that other food inhibit. This is where the parenting part comes in. To ensure that your child avoids being unhealthy, as a parent you must ensure that he eats well. By eating well, it does not mean feeding your child everything and anything. There must be some sort of nutritional evaluation done. There should be a proper balance of fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, proteins and dairy with stress on the fruits and vegetables. This will keep kids active and away from the obesity and lethargy.
Put them in some activity. Watching TV after school or playing video games does not count as an activity for the child to indulge in. For a child to be healthy, he or she must have an adequate amount of exercise. The kind of exercise they indulge in will obviously be different from the kind we as adults do. When you are young, exercise can be fun. Exercise comes in the form of sports, treks, days at the beach, and a lot more. Enroll your child in dance classes or basketball camps.
Drink water. Make your children carry a bottle of water where ever they go regardless of whether it looks cool or not. It is very important to be hydrated at all times, especially at a tender age. This will allow the child to be refreshed and energized, mostly during hot days when the sun is scorching. To avoid any sort of harmful contact with the sun, make sure that they apply an adequate amount of sunscreen with a moderate SPF count.
Encourage cleanliness. Whether it is monitoring their sneezing habits or how many times they wash their hands in a day, ensure your child to understand the importance of hygiene. With Swine Flu rampant, it should be a wakeup call for all parents to make sure that their children wash their hands after they play, sneeze, when they come home and basically at any given chance. Teach them to use toilet seat covers and toilet paper.
Sleep well. The best medicine is adequate amount of sleep. Children need a minimum of 8 hours of sleep. This will allow them to function to their maximum throughout the day. A healthy immune system depends on how much good sleep a child gets. Avoid stressing the child out because this will also affect his sleeping habits and in turn will affect the overall health of the child. By following these simple tips, you can help your child to have a healthy school year ahead. He or she will be able to enjoy all the things a childhood has to offer without constantly falling sick.


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