KDHA Takes Oversight Functions To Production Companies


By; Juliana Katung, Kaduna.
Kaduna State House of Assembly has concluded plan to embark on oversight function to some of the companies manufacturing consumable products located in Kaduna to ensure strict compliance to a healthy products as well as their social responsibilities.
The exercise which is to be carried out by its Committee on Local Government, followed petitions written by some of the host communities accusing the companies of non compliance in area of their social responsibility as well as environmental pollution, sent to the Assembly requesting its quick intervention on the issue.
Speaking on the issue, Chairman House Committee on Information, Deacon Nuhu Goro shadalafiya said the House Committee is going for oversight function to check the environment whether it is friendly and the products coming from such companies if they are consumable thereby ensuring strict compliance to their social responsibilities.
According to him, the house had over the time received petitions from the host community of Kaduna Petrochemical and Refining Company KPRC and Brewery located in Chikun and Kaduna South Local Government respectively when there was spillage in Chukun as result of pipeline leakage, and the lawmakers with the help of the Member representing the constituency were able to intervened, the pipeline was put in order.
The chairman added that another aspect been raised in the petition was the companies non challant attitudes toward fulfilling their social responsibilities to their host communities in which they were accused of giving some of the position meant for the people of such communities to others and giving lower positions to them.
He said any of the company found not living up to expectation will be made to pay for and adjust to their social responsibility. According to him, Kaduna State is also working toward controlling intake of alcohol like Kano state as KASTELEA and other relevant agencies are understudying the methods to use to ensure that.


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