KDHA screens Revenue Service Chair nominee


BY; Samson Yaki,Kaduna.
The Kaduna State Lawmakers have screened the Governor’s Nominee Muktar Ahmed Mohammed, for appointment as Chairman of the State Internal Revenue Service.
Muktar Ahmed who has been the acting chairman of the Service for the past six months said that ‎he would do his very best to meet up with what is expected of him.
“This country is full of beautiful Laws but the problem is that we lack execution of these laws, whatever it is that the law is asking us to do if we don’t do it well, then we are bound to fail in every aspect, so we will by the grace of God follow these laws which will enable us achieve what the government has set for us successfully.
“The challenges‎ at hand now are that we lack banking facilities in the rural areas of the state which is a setback, we thank God with the licence given to companies which will be doing agency banking as we have started testing this strategy in Makarfi market and also Kawo market which is used to collect the money and am sure with this licence given, we will cover all rural areas.
“Also if the right people are not put in place no matter what effort one puts to become successful, it will be in vain.
“So we will put good people that will work towards the right achievement, we will be firm but fair because if we do not show seriousness in the execution of the it, we will not achieve our goal.
Ahmed assured that the tax system will not be different and the unemployed will be exempted.
“It will be recalled that every aspect of individuals was taxed so as to generate revenue to the Government‎, so also this will not be different from the then tax collection. The only difference is that we wont tax the unemployed or those who do not have full employment. We are going to make use of the presumptive tax method which was passed into Law few years ago, the law has recognised the three categories of business which are the micro, semi and medium businesses. They are small scale businesses and  they  will be taxed but before then we will sit with them to make them understand and from there they will make their own contributions too.”
Land use charges which has been abandoned but with the passage of the new land use Law it will also add up to the generation of revenue‎, it will be recalled that His Excellency, the Governor of Kaduna State, mallam Nasir Ahmad El- Rufai has in the last month signed the first Electronic Certificate of Occupancy in the State which is under  Kaduna State Geographical and Information Service.
It is also another avenue for revenue generation through Land Use.
The nominee was very well appreciated by the Honourable member of Igabi East constituency, ‎Muhammad Bello Haruna and also that of Unguwar Sunusi, Hon. Nasir Abdullahi Maikano, as a man of honesty and ‎respect. They were supported by the rest members of the House.


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