Kauran Bauchi And The Continuous Development Of Bauchi State 

Bala Mohammed


In the present critical moment of political progression and tenure elongation for some politicians while to some it marks the end of not just their tenure but political career.  

 It is therefore necessary at this decisive juncture for all Bauchi state citizens to put on their thinking Cap and choose continuity rather than start up.

Governor Bala Abdulkadir Muhammad ( Kauran Bauchi) is known for his political sagacity and dexterous vision.  In his vision, he had came up with viable and sustainable policies and projects which are majorly completed and while some are awaiting completion before the elections.  

Therefore, for the benefit of progressive culture and developments of critical sectors, the continuity of Senator Bala Mohammed become necessary and expedient.  It will mark for the first time for a Governor to leave a project uncompleted.  

This can only be possible if he is re-elected for a second tenure.  Undoubtedly, every citizen of Bauchi state and those that are involved in research work could see in living colours the achievements of Kauran Bauchi in the areas such as; Agricultural development and enhancements, educational development through various interventions in literacy programs and projects, Health care services initiatives are upgraded, Infrastructural developments are enhanced, the subject of empowerment is giving top priority by his government.  

 Unarguably, Bauchi State under Governor Bala Muhammad is among the most secure states in the entire Northern region, good policies that directly involve the people of Bauchi state are established and sustained such as: prohibiting of drugs addiction and peddling, prevention of prostitution and other immorality which degrades humanity.  

Historically, these policies mentioned above had inadvertently placed Bauchi state under Kauran Bauchi on a manifold platform of political recognition.  

The name Senator Bala ABDULKADIR Muhammad JAGABAN Katagun could easily inspire the through of continuity. As a matter of necessity all Bauchi state citizens should disregard Nay – sayers , tea – shops news mongers and bread and butters politicians who get feed by dragging political stakeholders in the mud and those who talk because they don’t have anything to say. 

Bauchi State should Senator Bala Mohammed their collective mandates and they will surely not regret that .

Yusuf Makarfi can be reached @ nubiasy@gmail.com 

18th November 2022


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