Kaduna Youth Demand Conducive Learning Environment In Schools


*Govt representatives assure, no cause for alarm


Youth in Kaduna State, have demanded a conducive environment for learning in all schools in the state.

They made the demands while making group presentations on day two of a two-day session in Zaria, organised by #OpenGov Youth Innovation Hub with support from PERL, on  Saturday December 2, 


Presenting their demands on a topic, “Simulation: Role played on negotiating for inclusion of youth specific issues in the budget (government Representatives versus youth advocates)”   anchored  by Dangwa Abbas Danjuma of CALPED,  they also demanded improvement of security in rural areas, which they said, will improve the economy of such areas, as well as education and agriculture.

Speaking further,  they demanded for apprehending and prosecuting those behind insecurity in the state.

They similarly demanded  for jobs creation and skills development.

In response, SA Student Matters to Governor Uba Sani,  Bello Hayatu   said  that the government has fashioned out ways to engage youth positively and upscale their skills.

“The government  has taken education as a priority and will do everything possible to create scholarship. Regarding the technology aspect the government is putting measures in place. For the SUSTAIN Agenda, the governor has assured to set up the technical hubs   for skills development,” he said.

Speaking further, he charged the youth to be politically involved positively in the governance process.The  SA on Student Matters, advised the youth to always respect their elders while on advocacy visits.
He explained that at the end of every year, 1,600 skilled youth will be graduated from each of the  skills centers being created by Governor Uba Sani.
He further explained that on the issue of environmental wastes, Kaduna Environmental Protection Agency (KEPA) is on ground to listen to such issues and act accordingly.

“Governor Uba Sani in ensuring a conducive environment for our students, paid N250 million debt accumulated to restore power to all the campuses of Kaduna State University (KASU).

“There is a dedicated commissioner of sports presently in the state, as well as His Excellency’ is the first in the history of the state to appoint an SA on sports,  for the benefits of youth,” he added.

Also speaking, Mr. Jeremiah Tara  from the Planning and Budget Commission said it is interesting to see what youth are doing There are issues you raised during your advocacy, we will be taking it one thing at a time. 
He said based on funds paucity, the government may not be creating additional ministries, but would ensure that the budget line for youth is increased.
“We have digital programmes that are already on ground that you can key into,” he added.
He added that the SSA ICT is working on how to increase budget line for digital skills development.


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