Kaduna State Religious Preaching Law scales second reading


Kaduna State Religious Preaching Law scales second reading
By; Samson Yaki, Kaduna.
A bill to substitute the Kaduna State Religious Preaching Law 1984 in the state House of Assembly which emanates from the executive arm, aims at regulating religious preaching in the state to curb the excesses of some clerics who are fund of using abusive terms in describing other religions has scaled through second reading.
Treading on the same line of thought, Honourable Maikano and Honourable Deacon Nuhu Goro Shadalafiya are of the opinion that the bill is sensitive and a delicate ground to tread on and called for wholistic representation to avoid misrepresentation of any group.
On his own part, Honourable Kasim Iliya Sawa representating Zaria City described the bill as timely and long overdue.
Sawa also decried serious misplacement of priorities by most religious leaders who always engage in un-religious activities. “At times I wonder if we are in a banana republic. Instead of the religious leaders to help the innocent followers to know the importance of their religion and to have more faith in our Creator, they always deviate in most cases which usually leads to serious disharmony among our communities” he stresed.
Honourable Bityiong Yakubu Nkom of Kaura constituency, noted that the bill has been in existence but lacks enforcement for reasons unknown and advised the relevant committees to dwell more on removing those impediments to the enforcement of the law.
Nkom also called on the committees to ensure that all sections that will enhance peaceful coexistence, religious tolerance and unity among the different religions in Kaduna State are well exhausted.
“We are not fighting the Clergymen, we are not fighting anybody. What we are saying is that we have had enough crisis in Kaduna State and people are hiding under religious tendencies with different motives to perpetrate evil in the society which we don’t want it to happen again “, Bityiong said.
It is on record that Kaduna State has been a centre stage of theatrical display of religious crisis in the recent past which hopefully, will be a thing of the past if this bill comes into law and eventually enforced.


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