Kaduna Polo: El-Amin forces Rubicon to a draw


The battle for the Africa’s most prestigious polo trophy, the Georgian Cup at the 2016 Kaduna International Polo Tournament galloped off on Sunday at the Ahmadu Yakubu Polo Club House, Murtala Square Kaduna with Kaduna El-Amin and Guards Brigade Rubicon playing a 6-6 draw at the end of the explosive high goal game.
At the end of the third chukka, Rubicon was leading 3-0.
El-Amin came on strong in the fourth chukka, scoring four goals, giving them the advantage when the whistle signalling the chukka sounded, as that chukka ended 4-3.
The fifth chukka witnessed coordinated action from both teams trying to outdo each other with desperate attempts at goal, with Rubicon getting lucky at the nick of time before the whistle went to end the chukka 4-4.
The sixth chukka turned out to be even more exciting, characterised by anxious moments that sent the spectators wild with expectations as both teams were out to take the lead but Rubicon scored first, with El-Amin equalising courtesy of a brilliant shot from Nigeria’s best polo player, Bello Buba from angle 65.
Yet the struggle continued for both teams but again, El-Amin took the lead, making scores 6-5. With few minutes of play left, Rubicon equalised again, renewing the tension.


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