Kaduna Govt Pledges To Assist Nigerian Immigration Services Overcome Challenges

Bantex wearing white in the middle in a group photograph with visiting Immigration officers.


The Deputy Governor of Kaduna State, Architect Barnabas Bala Bantex on Tuesday said that the state government is committed to be part of the challenges the Nigerian Immigration Services is facing,  to ease them and give them capacity for more efficient and effective services in the state.

Architect Barnabas Bala Bantex expressed this when he received on courtesy visit, new Assistant Comptroller General of Immigration Service/Zonal Coordinator who came to Sir Kashim Ibrahim House in Kaduna.

Bantex said, Nigerian Immigration Service is highly over burdened occasion by the limited borders that has a lot of unmarked entry points which cannot be covered by the present strength of immigration services.

According to him, among other challenges facing the country, they  also have problem with the ECOWAS free movement, which was intended to benefit countries in the area of trade.

He noted that,  the Federal Government is working hard towards solving the problems, but for now they remain eternally grateful for  what the Immigration officers are rendering to the state.

Architect Bantex stated that what is standing in between them is the bill of quantity that needs to put in place.

He assured them that land allocation to enable them build their zonal office which comprises of the North West zones, as investors who come into the state in search of land and it was given to them.

He commended them for coming into the state and providing security to  lives and property, wishing them the best in their tenure of service.

The deputy governor pledged that actions would be taken as the state government is ready to support them on their requests.

In a remark, the leader of the delegation, Assistant Comptroller General of Immigration Service/Zonal coordinator, Mrs Tanpirika Virginia Oyedeji said they were in Government House to pay homage to the state governor as the new zonal coordinator to cover  zone B,  North East operations and  political zone in Kaduna State.

“The Zonal office occupies a space within the secretariat where we coordinate activities, that is why we have to look for a space for a zonal office that has auditorium where people can come into the state for transactions,” he said.

Oyedeji said they have a large border to cover, stressing that the services is doing its best, with the available resources.

“Now we’ve commissioned vehicles that you can be communicating from the office  of the comptroller general to monitor the country from his office,” she disclosed.

She urged the residents in the state and the country at large to monitor strange faces coming into the state and country and give information to the law enforcement agencies as they are ready to work to ensure they protect every citizen in the state and the country at large.

She appreciated the state government for the assurance of land allocation as it would serve the entire  North West geo-political zone in country.


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