Kaduna Electric Commissions Two New Feeders To Boost Power Supply In Mando



In its efforts to boost power supply to its customers in Kaduna metropolis, Kaduna Electric has constructed and commissioned two new substations.

A statement issued by the company’s Head of Corporate Communication, Abdulazeez Abdullahi,  said the new substations; 33KV Mothercat Feeder and 11KV Commercial Feeder which were commisssioned earlier this month was in response to calls from customers and in keeping with its mandate to provide improved services to customers and stakeholders. 

With its coming into circuit on May 15, 2023, the 33KV Mothercat Feeder with its associated 11KV Mando and 11KV Water Resources feeders is to provide improved hours and better quality supply to customers in Mando and environs in Kaduna. 

Customers in these communities had suffered acute power supply constraints due to the overloading of 33KV Kinkinau Injection Sub-station. With the delaoding of 33KV Kinkinau however supply is expected to improve significantly. 

Similarly, the new 11KV Commercial feeder whicb was commissioned on May 6, 2023 is to serve commercial customers that have been moved from the existing 11KV Constitution Road feeder. Customers on the feeder have been appropriately metered to ensure effective energy accountability. 

11KV Constitution Road feeder and 11KV Commercial Feeder both feed from 33KV Independence Injection Substation.

Customers on both Mothercat and Commercial Feeders are on Band A and expected to enjoy an average of 20 hours of supply. 

The statement further said Kaduna Electric shall not relent in its efforts to meet the expectations of its customers for improved power supply. It called on customers to reciprocate by paying their bills promptly and avoid indulging in energy theft and other vices that impede optimal service delivery.


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