Kaduna Assembly Moves To Substitute Business Premises Registration Law

Kaduna Speaker, Honourable Aminu Shagali 2


Kaduna State House of Assembly in a bid to boost the state’s revenue generation and improve security, conducted a public
hearing on a bill for a law to substitute the Kaduna State Registration of Business Premises Law 1991 and a Bill to regulate the Distribution Marketing, Sale of Liquor and Spirit in Kaduna State.

The Chairman Adhoc Committee on Bills Mr Kantiok Irimiya said purpose of
the interactive section was to regulate the distribution and management of liquor in Kaduna state and also to regulate marketing distribution of liquor in state.

He said the house would not want a law that would be operational in the state
and the operators would find it difficult to operate.

“We want to make sure that nobody is put in a situation were he/she finds it uncomfortable to run a business in the state.
“In the Assembly, we don’t want to impose anything on anybody we discuss with the affected people to have better Laws,” he said.

Speaking with Assembly correspondents shortly after the interactive session,. Aminu Ibrahim a representative of the Kaduna State Chamber of Commerce said the bills is a very good bill and important as part of the criteria before admitting anybody into the chamber of commerce he or she
must have a business premise certificate.

He added that the substitution of the law is good as it would correct some of the mistake make in the previous law noting that the government need to find a way of ensuring strict enforcement.

“The problem of our society today is not the law making but enforcing the law. A lot of business men and women do not even know that you have  to register your premise before you start your business hence the need for government to find a way of educating the general public when the bill is finally passed. we have given our contributions and we hope it will be
included in the law,” he said.


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