Kaduna APC Solidarity Forum Wants Danladi Wada Arrested For ‘Impersonation’

A political pressure group,  the Kaduna APC Solidarity Forum, has called for “the immediate arrest of Danladi Wada for parading himself as the State’s APC chairman in the media”.
In a terse statement signed by its chairman Abubakar India Kajuru in Kaduna  on Monday, the group expressed “deep regret over the way and manner some fifth columnists masquerading as either ‘Akida’ or ‘Restoration Group’  have been insulting the symbol of authority of the APC and serially using deceptive  tactics to mislead the public and  setting the people against President Muhammad Buhari”.
The APC Solidarity Forum wondered why “despite their anti-party stance through unsuccessful  attempt to create  illegal factions within the party and having been severally queried by the State Executive Committee of the APC, they have remained recklessly unrepentant”.
The statement noted that  “Danladi Wada and his collaborators, notably Senator Hunkuyi,  have violated our party’s Article 21(a), sections 1 to 7”. The group also indicated that Article  21(a) has specified  punishments for “disobedience to party guidelines,  creation of parallel party offices; flouting its directives or engaging in any form abti-party activities”.
The statement stressed that “such an unconstitutional posturing of both the Akida and Restoration Group should be met with commensurate resistance from the leadership and loyal members of the party  immediately”. It also noted that “unless appropriate  but severe sanctions are meted on these groups of anti-party charlatans,  a precedent for similar disrespectful attitudes would have been set.”
The group  called on “the  Department of State Security and other relevant security agencies to move in and checkmate these rabble trousers,  who are trying to create a parallel party secretariat in order to create  the false impression of division within the APC authority”. It further threatened that  “failure  to promptly arrest and charge Danladi Wads to court would leave us with no choice than to sue this imposter trying to deliberately” divert public attention.
The group also noted that “the anti-party activists, who have been attacking President  Buhari in the media and the APC Federal  Government without any success,  have now resorted  to pedestrian means and empty propaganda in order  to confuse the public with their deceptive tactics”.


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