Kaduna Anglican Bishop kicks against Grazing Reserve


Bishop of the Anglican Communion, Diocese of Kaduna, Reverend Timothy Yahaya has frowned on the proposed Federal Government plan to reserve a chunk of the nation’s forest reserve exclusively for grazing.
He added that to preserve ‎a vast topography solely for grazing purpose would create social economic class among the citizenry.
The cleric said cattle’s rearing is a private ‎business and the herdsmen only needed policy supports from government rather than the government taking it upon itself to be the regulator and owner of the business at the same time.
“Passing a grazing bill will only mean some people and their business are more important than others.
“The petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) has been neglected despite enormous importance and exigency of passing the bill particularly at the crucial time of crude oil crisis being experienced globally which has not left Nigeria out of it.
“Therefore, it is high time this government prioritized its project to avoid being seen as sectional,” he said.
Bishop Yahaya however, advised herdsmen to on their own, individually or collectively, create ranches and grazing to avoid incessant clashes with farmers and rural dwellers.
He cautioned the federal government not to take some peoples’ land and hand it over to some as this, according to him, would further set Nigerians in battle path against one another.
“Land is sacrosanct and held dearly by the owners. Any infringement would be seen as affront to their custom and belief”, he urged.


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