Jonathan urges fiscal discipline of MDAs


From Sunday Ode, Abuja
President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday warned federal government agencies against breaking fiscal discipline regulations including refusal to retire their accounts or doing so late, saying that  government was no longer ready to be taken for granted.
Jonathan handed down the warning when commissioners of the National Population Commission (NPC) took oath of office just as he also swore-in two members of the Fiscal Responsibility Commission (FRC), just before the kick off of the weekly Federal Executive Council meeting.
He emphasized that his administration would not condone conealing of unspent funds meant for agency operation, warning that anybody caught in such acts would be made to face the full wrath of the law.
He said: “Let me also use this occasion to warn government agencies that henceforth, non or late rendition of accounts or non-remittance of operating surpluses will attract the full weight of actions as prescribed by law,”
He reiterated that the administration is committed to “building strong institutions”, the president urged all tiers of government in the country to work closely with the FRC, particularly the states and local governments which “control over 50 per cent of federally collectible revenue.
“It is also important to remind you and indeed all the other members of the commission, that our nation’s economic future is directly linked to effective management of our resources. Indeed there is an inexplicable linkage between Fiscal Responsibility and prudent financial management and the future of every nation,” he said.
He emphasized that the FRC “have been enlisted to serve in this commission at a time that this administration is working vigorously to ensure the prudent management of government funds.
According to him, the FRC Act was enacted and the FRC born “to address the enormous fiscal challenges inherent in our economy. This purposeful effort was also to bring our country in line with Fiscal Responsibility standard in practice in both developed and developing economies all over the world.”
He urged the new NPC commissioners to be diligent and patriotic in the discharge of their responsibilities.
“We must ensure that all citizens are properly documented as it will help in our planning of citizens defense, protection and projection agenda,” he charged.


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