GOVERNOR Jonah Jang of Plateau State on Tuesday presented a budget of 133 billion Naira to the state House of Assembly for the 2013 fiscal year.
Jang said that the budget. Christened “Budget of Continuity and Inclusive Growth,’ was 21 billion Naira more than the 2012 budget.
He said that 46 billion Naira was earmarked for recurrent expenditure, while 85 billion Naira was set aside for capital projects.
The governor acknowledged that the 2013 budget was “ambitious” but that “it is achievable.”
“These estimates may appear ambitious but we are positive that with our renewed vigour in internal revenue mobilisation and generation, prudent utilisation of resources and commitment, we will achieve the targets,” he said.
He said that the budget would focus and consolidate on priority areas such as security.
Jang said the state proposed to expend 14 billion Naira on works and transport; 2.8 billion Naira for agriculture; Healthcare 5.4 billion Naira and Education 7.4 billion Naira.
“My administration proposes to spend on human capital development 821 million Naira and 500 million Naira for the renovation of the J. D. Gomwalk Secretariat.
“Youth and sports development will get five billion Naira for completion of the International Olympic Stadium Complex and 850 million Naira for construction of the access roads within the state.’’
The governor said that “administration’’ was allocated 2.5 billion Naira, while water supply, sanitation and rural development will gulp 2.7 billion Naira.
“I solicit the cooperation of this assembly for a quick assent to this proposal so that our people will obtain maximum benefits from the implementation of our slated programmes and projects.
“I often say we are in injury time, time is therefore, of the essence.’’
The Speaker of the assembly, Mr John Dabwan, said that the lawmakers would monitor the implementation of the budget when passed.
“We will ensure equitable distribution of the funds allocated to each item,’’ he said.
He assured that the House would work in concert with the executive and the judicial arms of government to meet the needs of the people.


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