Islamic Movement protests in Abuja for ElZakzaky’s release…Take case to UN, ECOWAS, Embassies



Thousands of students of Academic Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (AFIMN) on Wednesday staged a peaceful protest in Abuja calling for the unconditional release of Shi’ite leader in Nigeria Sheikh Ibraheem ElZakzaky from protective custody.

“We are not “; “We demand Justice”; “Free our leader Zakzaky”; “Mr President free our leader”,  placards by the students who matched from Central Mosque to National Secretariat under the watchful eyes of policemen read.

Zakzaky was taken into ‘protective custody’ according to government lawyer after the group clashed with the convoy of the Chief of Army staff in Zaria, Kaduna State in December 13 and 14, 2015.

The students submitted letters for facilitation of immediate release of Sheikh Zakzaky and observance of fundamental Human Rights and rule of law in dealing with the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, including a 163 pages of a catalogue of genocide of the Nigerian Army against the Islamic movement in Nigeria to United Nation, ECOWAS.

The forum also submitted same documents to  the following Embassies in Abuja on 29th and 30th  August, 2016): British, Chinese, France,  Iran, Russia, Switzerland and United States of America.

In the letter they solicited for unconditional and immediate release of Sheik Zakzaky and other members of the movement who are in custody.

“We are all aware of the unfortunate event that occurred at Zaria between 12th and 14th December 2015. Proofs abound to establish that the operations by the Nigerian Army were well coordinated and preplanned,” Fadara Isa one of the student leaders said.

She said the  “clash” was not as a result of provocations but a preplanned gross violations of human rights, abuses and extrajudicial killings by the Army.She said that despite the killings the revered leader of the IMN, Sheikh Zakzaky is still incarcerated and the legal proceedings to gain his freedom is being frustrated by the Nigerian Government.They claimed that the Judicial commission of inquiry set by Kaduna State government lacks the jurisdiction and capacity to subject a National outfit like the Nigerian Army to justice.Beside, that Kaduna state appointed some tainted members into the Judicial Commission of Inquiry to assist it annihilating the Movement.


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