(INVESTIGATION) Emmanuel Francis of Kakuri was not stabbed because of eating during fasting – Community


By; Abdull-Azeez Ahmed Kadir, Kaduna.
Kakuri community comprising of both Muslim and Christian leaders said Emmanuel Francis was not stabbed by Muslim youth because he was not fasting, but stabbed by his peers who they smoke and drink together among other vices.
The leaders who frowned at the religious colouration given to the incident said both Emmanuel known as Iboyi and the boys can neither be called Muslims nor Christians as non of them practice the tenets of any of the two faiths buy bear just names of either.
An eyewitness who simply identified himself as Solomon said he was in a Salon and saw Emmanuel and his accomplices came out of a farm where the squabble started. He asserted that Emmanuel picked a knife from a woman by the road side to attack his opponent, who incidentally had a scissors in his pocket and used it to stab Emmanuel.
He said all efforts to separate them was abortive until one Solomon entered his room and brought out a cudgel and everyone scampered to safety.
The said Emmanuel is said to belong to same gang with the boy who stabbed him and they are know in the community for their untoward acts together.
More details later…


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