Inuwa’s Spectacular Empowerment Strategy In Gombe

Inuwa Yahaya


The spectacle was indeed spectacular!  It is no longer news that 1,000 Tricycles,  popularly known as Keke-NAPEP were distributed to youths in Gombe irrespective of political, religious or tribal affiliations. That is one of the enviable emblems of the all-inclusive administrative style of Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya, the Governor of Gombe State. 
That is not all. A week later Governor Inuwa Yahaya granted approval for the recruitment of 1000 fresh teachers by Gombe State Teachers’ Service Commission, TSC as part of efforts towards consolidating on the objectives and gains of his declaration of a ‘state of emergency’ on education and boosting the human capital development in Gombe State. 
Not done yet, the Governor also looked towards the physically challenged and disabled citizens and empowered them.For the  teachers, Governor Inuwa Yahaya also approved the transfer of 288 staff of the State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) who had applied for transfer of service from the board for placement into the State Ministry of Education’s secondary schools and technical colleges. 
This development is one of the steps the Governor has taken to turn around the fortunes of education in the state. He had earlier in January this year, consented to kick starting the teachers’ recruitment process at the TSC.  I will come back to this story and others. But first the youths empowerment. 
Back to the ‘Keke Inuwa” story which many people watched with a huge admiration recently as 1,000 youths were empowered with Keke-NAPEP to boost the already revamped transport sector of Gombe State. The empowerment is part of Inuwa Yahaya’s grand industrial policy to catalyse all the sectors that will aid agriculture and commerce in the State, besides caring for the youths of Gombe. And part of the big picture envisioned by Gombe State’s 10-year Development Plan. The 1,000 Tricycles To Keke-NAPEP Riders   is an unprecedented gesture in the history of Gombe State. It is a demonstration of the APC government’s commitment to improving the living conditions and providing opportunities for all citizens in Gombe. 
The beneficiaries of the empowerment programme were nominated from the 11 local government areas of the state through their umbrella association, Keke-NAPEP Riders Association of Nigeria (Gombe State Chapter) regardless of their political affiliation, religion or tribe. 
Governor Inuwa Yahaya said of the gesture: “This further affirms our determination to support every citizen of the state without bias. “By this discounted revolving rider-owner arrangement, it is envisaged that these beneficiaries will earn a living for themselves and their families through this partnership and subsequently give a window for another batch of beneficiaries to be selected in due course,”. 
He expressed the hope that the distribution of 1,000 tricycles would ease transportation challenges and help reduce accidents and security threats associated with motorcycles popularly known as “achaba”, especially within the Gombe metropolis.  
The  Governor believes that economic development and progress do not just happen without realistic vision, careful choices as well as resolute commitment of leaders and followers to doing the right thing. 
His administration had created a conducive environment for private businesses to thrive which  had led to the state’s rating as the number one in the ease of doing business in the country.  
Under Governor Inuwa, Gombe State had been recognised as the most peaceful, secure and socially cohesive state in the country. 
He has created an environment where all citizens and residents could pursue their livelihoods and realise their God-given potentials without fear of harassment, discrimination or violence.
Governor Inuwa is always proud of the fact that he runs a cohesive administration where all are treated as equal stakeholders. “What gladdens my heart and of course every well-meaning citizen of the state is the consensus reached by the people, regardless of political affiliation, that we have delivered on the vast majority of the promises we made in 2019 and have done a lot more!The evidence is clear for anyone to see”, he said.He is a man that appreciates people and commitments. 
At any opportunity, he thanks the entire people of the state for their individual and collective support,  assuring that his administration would continue to work  harder in order to provide good governance and bring economic prosperity to the cizenry.  
During the Keke-NAPEP distribution ceremony, the Chairman, Gombe State’s branch of the Tricycles Riders Association of Nigeria, Mohammed Abdullahi Sarki, said the gesture by Governor Inuwa marked a turning point in the history of the association.
“This is the mother of all empowerment programmes since the creation of Gombe State more than 25 years ago. As a matter of fact, this will go a long way in the annal of history and we, as an association, shall continue to cherish this gesture for a long time to come,” he stated. 
In his characteristics display of compassion, Governor Inuwa Yahaya also looked towards the direction of People With Disabilities (PWDs) and other vulnerables in the state and put smiles on their faces and brought relief to their lives. 
This was the response Inuwa got from them “You are the first Governor in the history of Gombe State to stand for good two hours under scorching sun to receive the community of persons with disability. 
“We can also remember during covid 19 pandemic, you gave special treatment to our members, Your Excellency, we say thank you”. 
Governor Inuwa has launched many initiatives for jobs and skills acquisition targeting mostly youths, women and other vulnerable groups with the vision to empower not less than 10,000 individuals this year alone.  
To accomplish the vision, many programmes capable of improving human capital in the state were launched, data base for teeming unemployed youths created;1,000 persons were already trained on various trades and skills through ARC-P; more than 3000 Development Facilitators employed; while Gombe State Security Traffic and Environmental Corps targeting 2,000 youths has already kicked off; which is a justification for this administration’s commitment towards human capital development. 
As a result of these initiatives, most youths are now having something doing which means more engagement in productive processes, less crimes, less political thuggery and other social vices. 
Gombe no doubt is progressing geometrically and astronomically with Dan Maje on the saddle.  
Misilli is Director-General (Press Affairs) Government House,  Gombe


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