(Interview) No amount of money can make me act nude- Rahma Sadau


Rahma Sadau is arguably the most celebrated actress in Kannywood today. The Kannywood diva in this interview with Abdullahi Mohammad Jibrin speaks on her favourite role in movies, her Super Story contract as well as the role she will never act no matter how fat it is worth. Excerpts:
Can we have a brief on your background?
My name is Rahma Sadau. I was born and brought up here in Kaduna. I also did all my schooling here in Kaduna; for my National Diploma, I studied Business Admin in Kaduna Polytechnic and I am currently studying Purchasing and Supply.
Why filmmaking? What actually attracted you to filmmaking business? Was it your dream to be an actress?
Yes. I have been a fan of the whole entertainment thing for as long as I can remember, not only acting. I just love been in the media. I started dancing since when I was in secondary school. I love entertainment; I love singing and dancing. However, the movie industry then seems far beyond my reach. I respected them a lot and I love what they do. It was a dream came through for me to be part of this industry, I am happy.
How did the journey began, how did you find yourself in Kannnywood?
Well, the journey started when I met Ali Nuhu. It all started when I met Ali Nuhu in our dancing place. He came in and He saw me; he saw the potentials in me and that was the link. That was how I got the chance to act in Kannywood and Alhamdulillah I am doing great.
How did your family receive the news; were they supportive, were they against it? 
Well, initially the idea was a bit tough for my mum but eventually she was like “this is your life, this is your dream, I just hope that you will be a better person. Please make me proud” she said and that was it. It was not that difficult changing her mind. So, it was not difficult.
When you came in newly into the industry, was it difficult getting yourself accustomed to the profession?
Not really, because I started with a leading role; playing a leading character. So, I was motivated by my colleagues and the challenge therein. I must say here that some of my female colleagues thought the task was way beyond my capacity. They thought I couldn’t do it and that really motivated me to give out my best.
Another motivation I got was acting alongside my favorite star, Ali Nuhu. That really motivated me a lot and it was really good. So, I was the leading actress in my first movie and I starred alongside my favorite star.
What is the name of your first film?
Gani Ga Wane. That is the name of my first movie and I played the leading role in it.
You came into the industry just recently but today, you are one of the most celebrated stars in Kannywood, What is the secret of your success?
Well, I don’t really know. I don’t know. Maybe it is because of hard work, dedication, I don’t know, I can’t say. Alhamdulillah, I am happy reaching this stage, achieving this huge success within this short period of time.
You are presently featured in the popular Nollywood series, The Super Story, Do you see yourself becoming a household name in Nollywood too?
Well, I am a professional actress and being a Kannywood actress doesn’t restrict me from acting in not only Nollywood but other film industries elsewhere; Hollywood, Bollywood, Russian, Arabs film industry etc. I am a professional actress and I will act in any good movie.
How far do you intend to go in this film business? Do you see yourself getting married in the next few years and retiring to family life or is it going to a lifetime career for you?
Retiring?! No. Do you see yourself retiring in your work? No, I don’t see myself retiring from my career. Even if I am going to retire from acting, I am a media person, I will be in the media; I love been everywhere.
I am a media person whether I act or not because I know that there is a restriction in Kannywood that prevent women from acting if they get married. So, I will be in the media.
Let’s talk about Super Story, How did you secure such a big contract?
(Smile) well, I was in Dubai when the Production Manager called me. “Is this Rahma Sadau”, and I replied in the affirmative and he said “We have cast you in so and so…and I said I am sorry I don’t know what the show was all about because he didn’t say “Super Story” because I was doing another job there. But he eventually sent me a text informing me that they have cast me as Asabe in Super Story and I was like “wow!” I taught it was a lie but he kept communicating with my manager and that was it. I got the job. I was really thrilled. I was really excited. I have watched Super Story for ages and now I am acting in it. I didn’t believe it until when I went to Lagos. It is a very big project and I am very proud and happy to be part of it.
Was acting in the Super Story difficult, given the fact that it’s an entirely different industry with different sets of people, speaking different language? What was it like? 
No, it was not. Acting is acting; the only thing you will change is your tongue. And it was not difficult acting and communicating in English. We have been speaking English since when we were in primary school. So, it was not difficult. It was not challenging at all.
Aside the Super Story, do you have other Nollywood films?
Yes. My first Nollywood film was with Majid Michel and Mercy Johnson. The title of the movie is “The Light Will Come”. And presently, we are shooting another one titled “Sons of the Caliphate”.
How wide do you intend to explore the entertainment industry?
I promise you that you will be seeing more and more of Rahma Sadau as an actor, producer, director, TV presenter and more.
What is your take on film production in Kaduna; is it progressing is it diminishing?
Well, I think what we are lacking here in Kaduna is support from the government. We need government to come in and support the industry. We have abundant talents in Kaduna and I believe with government assistance, the industry can create jobs for the economic growth of the state. Kaduna is blessed.
What role do you enjoy acting most?
Village girl. I enjoy acting village most. I enjoy acting it and it brings out the best in me. It’s fun.
But you don’t look like one…?
That’s the point. I don’t look like a village girl. So, I want to look like one in the movies. Everyone knows Rahma dresses well, wears makeup, etc. So, let’s see Rahma in an entirely different world in the movies, let’s see Rahma with this horrible makeup acting village girl in the movies.
Do you have a limit; is there any role that you will not act no matter how much money it attracts?
I do have a limit. There was this Nollywood Director that called me about a movie he wants me to act in but that there will be some nude scenes and I told him no, I turned him down. He was like, “you going to miss a lot” and I told him no. I can’t act nude no matter what, no matter how much money is involved. Even in Hollywood, there are actors that don’t act nude.
Is it true that some of your colleagues in Kannywood have joined the Illuminati cult?
This is the first time I am hearing this. We have a very big problem here in the North; we don’t support our own people. If Nollywood actors were to be invited to Hollywood, their people will celebrate them but here in the north, I don’t know why we always get misinterpreted whenever we do something different. We should be proud of our stars. I am proud of them. Collaborating with the Hollywood is not easy.
What is your major achievement as an actress?
My major achievement as an actress is the brand Rahma Sadau. I am very proud of the brand Rahma Sadau.


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