Interview; “I’m not only a Singer, I’m an Entertainer” – AimsDH


I’m not only a Singer, I’m an Entertainer -Aimsdh
Abdul Abubakar is a multi talented upcoming Kaduna-based musician. AimsDH as he is popularly called, in this exclusive interview with Abdullahi Mohammad Jibrin speaks on his new album project, beauty pageant, his role models in the entertainment industry and more. Excerpts:
NNN: Can we have a brief on your background? Who is AimsDH?
Well, my name is Abdul Abubakar popularly known as AimsDH. I am a graduate of Mass Communication ABU Zaria, an indigene of Kaduna State where I have basically spent most of my life. I am the sixth and last born of my family.
Different artistes go into music for different reasons, some for the money and others for fame. Why do you sing?
I have two main reasons for venturing into music; first, because it (music) comes easy to me. I could basically sit down and write a complete song in a couple of minutes. And secondly, because it is a very lucrative profession, as long as you consider it as one and not just a hobby. You see the top acts getting big pay for few minute performances and also multiple endorsement deals, (Smiles) who wouldn’t want that for themselves?
Do you have any album yet?
Well, I am working on an album titled ‘Yau Da Gobe: tales of an Aquarius’. The album will feature artistes like Ceaser, Yohanna, Classiq and other big names. We are presently recording the songs and arranging the tracks for the album.
Aside from music, I also learned that you also do other things…?
Yes I Mc-Host-Anchor events. I am an actor. In fact I just came back from Jos where we shot a film titled ‘Queen Amina’ alongside the likes of popular stars like Ali Nuhu, Sani Danja, Lucy Ameh, Magaji Ibrahim Mijinyawa, Yakubu Muhammad among many others.
Besides that, I am also a radio presenter; formerly I was with ABU FM 101.1 but presently, I am with a newly established online radio podcast called Playedoncampus Radio (or pocradio) where I present a program called ‘The Gist with AimsDH’. I am also an event planner, Coordinator and Director.
Currently I am trying to bring a beauty pageant audition to Kaduna to give the models here equal opportunity to contest for the crown as enjoyed by models in the other selected states. The pageant is called ‘Miss Diva Nigeria 2016’.
How will you describe your journey so far?
I think to be a fresh graduate and have my hands sunk into this much, having the privilege to have worked with the big names I have, even before being a household name in the industry, is enough to be thankful for. To say otherwise will be me being ungrateful.
How far do you intend to go in this business?
In one of my yet-to-be-recorded songs I wrote: “So I’m out here to make a name for me. That’s why I flip the cards so I can change the game for me, small bricks tryna build my own legacy, and It’s not worth trying if its not about longevity.”
So to answer your questions Sir, I do not want to be referred to as just the singer or rapper; I would want to be known as the entertainer. Meaning, whether via being an artist, actor, OAP, M.C, or Event Coordinator, I wish to take it as far as the peak of my career can go; because if what we do today is not for tomorrow, then there is no point doing it at all.
Do you have any role model in the industry?
(Smiles) I have a lot of role models, internationally and locally. I don’t know if I should call them role models because I only pick a thing about each of them and rever it. Am not looking to be like anyone, am looking at finding myself and being me. But in that journey I need to tap experience from both the professional and personal lives of ‘our’ celebrities.
So in a generalised list, ranging from music, to acting, and then radio presenting these are the names I have watched and listened to closely to tap from their professional and personal experiences: Ali Nuhu, Ishaq Sidi Ishaq, Magaji Mijinyawa, Leonardo Dacaprio, Toolz, Psquare, Yung6ix, Classiq, Johny Depp, Bello Muhammad Bello, Genevive, Omotola, among many others. I am just a big fan of hardwork and consistency in one’s craft. So if you are good at what you do, chances are that I look at you like a role model.
Where do you see yourself in the next three to four years?
In the next three to four years In Sha Allah, I should have released 2-3 music albums, produced at least 2 of my own Movies; finished scripting one now and in the process of finding interested parties to produce it, My online podcast would have been able to reach a very heterogeneous audience, and (Smiles) Hopefully married with a kid.


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