Inmates face hard time in Calabar Prisons


Inmates face hard time in Calabar Prisons
By, Vitalis Ugoh, Calabar
The situation of inmates in the Afokang prisons in Cross River State might get worse if both the State and Federal governments do not budget for their welfare, investigation has revealed.
At the moment, the inmates numbering over 1000 have decided to seek the face of God through either religious organisations or well spirited individuals to eat or get water to clean up.
Sources close to the prison complained that both the state and Federal governments have refused to see to the welfare of the inmates as a priority.
According to our sources, “it takes the grace of God to feed or provide water for them. At times, we find it very difficult to handle their cases on daily basis.
“Go inside the prison yard, there is no light, no water. Warders beg for money to fetch water for the inmates. Nobody wants to listen. The authorities see inmates as non Nigerians. This development is very sad”.
Our investigations also revealed that some of them have very terrible health challenges and were yet to receive medical attention.
The authorities our sources said, have written several letters to the former Minister of Interior but nothing came out of it.
Relations of inmates have no choice than to pay a token at two points before they are allowed in to visit them.
Efforts to get the Comptroller of Prisons to comment on the issue failed as he was said to be out on official duties.


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