Indiscipline a clog in the wheel of progress of PDP – Mimiko


The Governor of Ondo State,  Dr. Olusegun Mimiko has identified indiscipline among members,  as a major challenge facing the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
He decried the idea of rushing to court by some members of the party over a matter that could be settled internally within the party, saying such an idea could not let the party progress.
The governor stated this in Akure, the Ondo State capital on Tuesday in a keynotes address he delivered at the inaugural meeting of the leaders of the party in the South-West.
He said, “The high level of indiscipline is the number one problem we have, inspite of tendencies working themselves out in other parties, you can never hear them going to court but PDP has endless cases in court, this is the evil we must exorcised from the PDP.
“Unless we settle the issue of rushing to the court over a matter that can be settled internally, we will continue to have problem.  This is one area we must address if we are to move forward in this party.
“The problem of rushing to the court by our members is a challenge to our democracy not only the PDP”.
The chairman of the PDP Governor’s Forum opined that any member that rushed to the court without seeking ways to settle the matter internally, should be summarily dismissed from the party.
Mimiko, who described the PDP as the only party in Nigeria that could not be ascribed to any ethnic group, urged members of the party to unite in order to form a formidable opposition in the country.
“If there is anything anybody cannot take away from PDP, it is the fact that in the history of this country, there has never been any party, perhaps, you can call it a true pan-Nigerian party that has brought the country together as a nation.” the governor noted.
In his remark, the National Vice Chairman (South-West) of the PDP, Mr. Eddy Olafeso said the party would be united to enable it wipe out all the cancerous elements troubling it.


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