Party Primaries: Bauchi Gov Wants Winners, Losers To Unite Under Party Umbrella



Bauchi State Governor, Senator Bala Mohammed has emphasized the need for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) aspirants in the last primary elections in the state who lost to give in and be good sportsmen in absorbing the failure shocks while adjusting to do the needful with a view to encourage inclusiveness in the party.

The governor similarly stressed the need for party members and its stakeholders especially those that contested the primary elections both winners and the losers to live and let live, with the winners to eschew arrogance and impunity and disregarding losers’ feelings with a view to aim at victories in the 2023 polls.

Mohammed, who was speaking  on Thursday, while receiving the report of the PDP Reconciliation committee on the outcome of the last party primary elections in the state, assured of reviewing the party’s stakeholders list in Bauchi a bid to create inclusiveness in the party.

The governor also spoke of the need for expanding the number of stakeholders and leaders of the PDP at the state level in order to ameliorate all problems and challenges of the party especially at the Local Government levels.

“Those who contested the primary elections at whichever level must borrow a leaf from some of us. It is not always easy when you lose. The winners normally go away without giving the losers any regard, even at the national level some of us lost, but nobody is getting back to us”, he lamented.

He explained that PDP initially provided a level playing ground for each and every member to contest the primaries, but along the line the party did some harmonization with the consideration that for such a large number of party members contesting primary elections will create ill-feelings among members.

The Governor who noted that in party politics there is no victor nor vanquish, however assured of creating a forum where both winners and losers of party primaries would put heads together to leverage on their nationalistic feelings and make sure that they are not doing it for only themselves, but for the party and the nation.

He further explained that all party members and its stakeholders are co-travelers in the journey towards nation building, especially within the PDP family, and drew the attention of losers to know that had it been they have not contested, they would not have built the party to what it is today.

“That’s what we have done at the national level, our contributions built the party, created activities, meet party supporters to be happy. Tomorrow is another day, they can also contest, hence those who lost are also very important to us, we should know that we cannot do without them”.

He concluded, “I want assure our colleagues who won the primaries that it is our responsibility to lend a helping hand, to reach out to those who lost are also very important and for them, we should know that we cannot do it without them, and so all the committee’s recommendations would be looked into very seriously”.

The chairman of the 22-member reconciliation committee, Senator Bala Adamu Kariya has earlier while submitting the committee’s report, said their recommendations included that all aspirants who purchased forms, but voluntarily withdrew from the race due to harmonization in the primary elections be refunded the money they expended.

The reconciliation committee on the outcome of PDP primaries in Bauchi for the 2023 general elections similarly recommended that all aspirants that contested the primaries but failed to secure tickets be assisted appropriately, while political appointees that resigned their appointments to contest but didn’t make it in the primaries be considered for reengagement.

“In order to poster inclusiveness and a sense of party ownership, the current membership of stakeholders in both Local Government and ward level be expanded to a minimum of 25 members at LG level and 15 members at ward level. Their selection should be duly approved by the state party office and endorse by the Executive Governor for strict implementation”.

Kariya disclosed that his committee observed serious and disturbing leadership crisis in some of the local government chapters of the party which, according to him, need to be urgently addressed and properly handle so as not to affect the performance of the party in the 2023 general elections.

The committee also want all the 46 successful candidates at the primaries comprising three, twelve, and thirty-one Senatorial, House of representatives and State Assembly candidates respectively be called for crucial meeting to discuss relationship between the candidates and aspirants that lost the elections.

Kariya observed that there are lots of complaints from those that lost the primary elections for their neglect and wishful disregard by winners of the contests, hence the committee suggested that all LG party chairmen be summoned to frequent interruptive meetings with party stakeholders of individual LGs, and all political appointees to poster understanding and cohesion to consolidate on the heights the party so far attained. 


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