Emnamu Foundation Kicks Off Anti-malaria Campaign In  Communities  Across NIgeria



Dr. Emmanuel N. Musa in  yet another good Samaritan move, has embarked on wide campaigns for good health for the people of Adamawa in particular and Nigeria as a whole.

Musa through his Emnamu Foundation, a Non Governmental organization (NGO), known for carrying out humanitarian services in many parts of the country, especially Adamawa State and the Northeast region, has embarked on a four-day anti malaria campaign.

The campaign with the theme, “Kicking Malaria out of Nigeria, Our Collective Moral Burden” has joined in fighting the scourge in the states of Borno,  Niger, Plateau, Kaduna, Taraba,  Gombe, among others.

The Coordinator of Enmanu Foundation, Comrade Kukuya Godwin said that the  NGO has started the campaign in the alma mater secondary school of Mr. Emmanuel N. Musa, who is the founder and national President of the organization, in Mubi, Adamawa State.

Godwin lamented that Malaria is still claiming the lives of people in the country, especially the less privileged, and the downtrodden who are more vulnerable,   a reason that attracted the Enmanu Foundation to carry out the fight against the scourge.

According to him, the four days campaign by the foundation made the Primary Healthcare Mararaba-Mubi, Government Senior Science Secondary School Uba and many others, witness the presence of the foundation by presenting anti malaria drugs, as well as fumigating of those areas that breed mosquitoes, causative agents that spread malaria.

Comrade Godwin maintained that for growth and development to strive, a  hygienic environment and good health for the people must be sustained and fighting Malaria should be a serious concern to all critical stakeholders.

He stressed that Malaria has    killed millions of people around the world and must not be allowed to continue.

“This is everyone’s work, the government cannot do it alone, so it must be a collective effort and responsibility of all people. It is one that the president of Enmanu Foundation considers as a worthy venture which is part of the NGO’s vision and mission.

“We deliberately selected days 1 to 4 of August because it is a peak period of malaria infection and transmission down to September. I’m therefore, calling on people of good conscience to join in preventing the spread of malaria,  as prevention is better than cure,” Godwin said.

He revealed that  Enmanu Foundation has simultaneously engaged Yola volunteers who carried out an effective campaign in the state capital and its environs, as well as volunteers in other states of the federation, where fumigation, disinfection of stagnant water, general environmental sanitation and distribution of free drugs was done.

The coordinator said Dr. Musa is a passionate lover of humanity, especially the less privileged and the vulnerable, who can go out of his way to render the needed help for many to survive.

He recalled how malaria remains the major killer disease in the world and its scourge is badly affecting the poor and the downtrodden in many societies.

“Malaria is without doubt,  one of the major killer diseases, a challenge confronting world health. In 2021, the World Health Organisation (WHO) reported that the menace of malaria affected about 228 million people globally, resulting in the death of about 620,000 people, with Nigeria accounting for 24 per cent of the total cases.

“According to the National Primary Healthcare  Development Agency and the National Bureau of Statistics,  one out of every five maternal and child mortality is caused by malaria. Malaria kills faster than the dreaded HIV/AIDS,”  Godwin said.

He pointed out that  the above-mentioned reasons are what propelled Dr. Emmanuel N. Musa, through his foundation to render a four-day nationwide campaign against malaria as  part of assistance to humanity.


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