Belel In NNPP:  The People’s Man Standing To Emancipate Adamawa Northern Senatorial Zone



The People of Adamawa Northern Senatorial Zone have discovered a leader, a man with a passion to serve, to deliver, and recreate a new haven that truly suggests the area as a land of many untapped potentials. 

An area known with huge human capital resources. The knowledge that this man has in government is measureless, his experience in leadership is far-flung and his far-reaching experience in business to woo investors of all races and countries has stretched out to many nations of the world.

Dr Abdullahi Dauda Belel is now a household name with his emancipator title of the servant-leader that has become a slogan of political change mantra in Adamawa, getting the acceptance of winning possibility in the forthcoming 2023 Senatorial election. 

The man is no doubt, a discovery of wisdom, one of the state’s soyn that has what it takes to liberate, emancipate and help salvage the zone, the state and the country at large from the clutches of underdevelopment and give life a meaning and add value to the political lifeline of the state.

In him is the girdle of strength to lead well. He holds in his hands, the rod of direction that will take Adamawa to a haven of rest.

He is a beacon of hope, a glorious flying horse for the people of Adamawa North. It’s a beckoning and a clarion call to young and old, to see Belel as the man to support because He is a man to beat at the Northern Senatorial District race in the state.

I have searched, I have analyzed, among all the people clamouring to be next Senator to represent the Northern people of Adamawa State, whether in PDP, APC, YPP, APGA, LP or whatever party, the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) candidate in the person of Dr Abdullahi Dauda Belel (Emancipator) caps it all and points to a better Senator to come 2023 for Adamawa State.

The people have spoken in many ways, expressing the need to see him at the revered office. In 2019, he gave a new life to APC where he sojourned and aspired to be the party’s Senatorial flag bearer. 

He put a good fight, a struggle that was considered by many party men that he was the best for the party to win the 2019 election, but divergent interests and political hullabaloo of some mischievous people  worked against him,  thereby, losing  the primaries elections.

With his resilience and  good intentions for the zone, the people with great voice beckoned on him to join NNPP,  which  is the party I now see hope for Adamawa Northern zone because a man with a glaring ability to lead and secure the destiny of his people is now with the senatorial ticket to wrestle  power from APC Senator in 2023.

May I now shout it out and make it bold in the  hearts of all and sundry, that Mr. Belel remains the best candidate for the people of the Northern senatorial because he is  able, capable and most qualified to emancipate the zone. 

He knows the political game more than any, he can loose the knots that tie down the area from development. The contacts and the connections are immeasurably to be used as a means to develop the area.

His vision and dream of a new Adamawa State has made him the number one Senatorial aspirant to have a blueprint of what he prepares to deliver to the people of the state. 

He toured the zone, the five local government areas of, Mubi North, Mubi South, Maiha, Michika and Madagali that make up the Senatorial zone,  reminding them of the area’s huge potentials that can attract development for  better representation. 

He revealed to them that the five local government areas are blessed with so much mineral resources,   having what it takes to be the best in the country and  what he can do for them in his first four years, if elected to represent them.

May I, therefore, say that the greatest mistake that each voter can make is to vote against NNPP. But a vote for Belel is a vote for liberation and emancipation. It is the best way to get the zone and the entire state on yet another track of development.

 A vote for Dauda is a value-added change,  wisdom that will set free everyone from a retrogressive government to a government of the people by the people and for the people. 

It’s a progressive zone with Dauda  in the saddle  of leadership as the incoming Senator, Adamawa will be secure, free, and well positioned to grow in all facets of life. This is what I feel and see the Northern zone stands to get.

The moribund companies and industries owned by the state government like Mubi Burnt Bricks and many more will be revived and funded to increase the internally generated revenue of the state. 

He will create jobs in a manner that will include everyone. The direct and indirect jobs creation of Dauda has done that, while he was the arrow head  of Adamawa State Primary Healthcare. His excellent Wisdom in creating the Beldome is another brilliant initiative that gave hundreds of people food on their tables that today, they are gainfuly employed to liberate themselves from poverty.

This man has the wherewithal, and is able to turn around the state for all round development. He has the potentials to attract global attention, he is well equipped to make Adamawa Northern zone earn the world news headlines of positive stories of a once captured Boko Haram area to an area that will capture the attention of the global economy. 

A zone with known for backwardness in education, to a revamped sector. He is going to gear up the health centres, the blocked waterways will run. Once again, water from all the pipes of every locality in the urban towns and even villages will be running. This is the Belel I see with the dream and passion to serve his people.

I see him as the best, the hope and the life-changing gear of development of the Northern zone. This is who I can confidently call on all voters of Adamawa Northern Senatorial District to bargain their votes, rally their support around him, and give him the winning votes for  total victory to chase out ineptitude and a selfish representation agent who is in government himself. 

Dauda in NNPP is more of salvation has come to all Adamawa sons and daughters.  Cast your votes wisely. It’s not a party affair, it is a personality affair. The call is just simple, thumbs up for Belel and on the ballot, it should be a thumb print for the NNPP come 2023. It’s the only way out. A way into another realm of development.

Belel and NNPP are for the emancipation of Adamawa Northern zone. The last and final option. This is my stand, my honest view in the interest of every one of us in Adamawa Northern zone.

Dauda is an Opinion writer.

He wrote this from Sabon Layi Mubi, Adamawa State.


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