Gumi Spearheads Formation Of Nomadic Rights Organization, Vows To Fight Suppression Of Herders




A firebrand Islamic scholar has announced the formation of Nomadic Rights Organization (NORIC) with the sole mandate to protect the interests of herders across Nigeria by the use of legal means. 

Shaikh Gumi while reeling out objectives of the organization known as Nomadic Rights Concern in Kaduna lamented what he described as unjust persecution and stereotyping of herdsmen in the country, insisting that Nomadic Fulanis had been victims of banditry.

He explained reasons for registering NORIC with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), in June 2021, to include; bridging  gap between herdsmen and the larger society, addressing issue of banditry, developing modern scientific methods of livestock breeding, overall development of livestock rearing sector among others.

The cleric added that most frictions,  particularly between pastoralists and others could be traced to injustice melted on either of parties involved.

He pointed out that the newly formed group would not only stand for the oppressed Fulani herders, adding that all individuals who may have been affected by any form of injustice or the other would as well be the primary concern of NORIC.

” The issue that stands out glaringly is pastoralists are both victims and villains largely because their voices are muffled by an unimaginable level of illiteracy and lack of know-how.

” Often their rights are trampled upon or denied, leading to in many cases avoidable violence in the Nigerian society.

” Thus, the necessity to establish a nongovernmental and apolitical organization dedicated to peace and harmonious coexistence between various groups and ethnicities, especially amongst headers and farmers,” he said.

He stressed the need for interface between herders and host communities for lasting peace, saying bullet approach alone cannot end violence and banditry in Nigeria.


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