Why Women  Can’t Do Without Wearing Make-Up



It has been a norm for ages among married women and unmarried ladies who cannot do without wearing makeup. Some say it makes them feel confident, while others say they love exploring different looks as a way of expressing themselves. 

Some women just tend to have harder times feeling good about themselves putting on make-up reminds them of the beauty that they possess. It makes them feel presentable, confident, and pretty. 

According to David Sunday,  wearing make-up is perceived by others as more attractive, bold and dominant, as women with low self esteem use make-up to probably hide imperfections and women  with higher self esteem can also use make-up to attract attention. 

In her own opinion, Salome Joel, said the greatest benefit of wearing make-up is that, it makes ladies look younger and helps in concealing wrinkles, aging, spot and other blemishes. 

“With the right make-up artist, you will never have to worry about your age showing. In   fact, you will look younger than you have ever looked. Wearing make-up can give individuals confidence by making them feel more physically attractive and it gives women confidence and also makes them feel smarter,” she added.

According to Deborah Samuel, “Just the way that makeup can make you look older, it also has this uncanny ability to make you look younger as well, especially if you know those tips and tricks that can make you look younger with the help of some makeup. 

“There are quite a few beauty products out there that can help in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your skin, thereby, making you look much younger.

“With the help of makeup, you can easily cover up all those complexion-related issues that might be troubling you. From acne and dark circles to an uneven skin tone, make-up can help you effectively cover them all up. 

“However, the only way you can achieve a seemingly clear complexion is by applying makeup correctly. This way, your skin will look clear and free from any blemishes and discolouration”.


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