VIN Policy: Cost Of Clearing Imported Used Vehicles Higher Than Purchasing Price, Broker Laments



Since the  introduction of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Policy by the Nigeria Customs Service, the cost of clearing imported used vehicles at the nation’s ports is more higher than the cost of  purchasing same brand of vehicle at foreign markets, a customs broker Hajia Bola Muse has lamented.

Noting that the introduction of the policy was a good development, Muse however advocated for the reduction of the 15 percent duty slammed on imported used vehicles to make them  affordable in Nigeria.

Muse, National Financial Secretary of the Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) told journalists on Wednesday that the introduction of Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a good development but that the 15 percent duty should be reduced to make used vehicles affordable in Nigeria. 

Also the CEO of Bomarah Group, Muse added that cars that cost about five thousand dollars in America, requires between seven to ten thousand dollars to be cleared in Nigerian Ports.

She therefore pleaded with the management of the Nigeria Customs Service to reduce the duty payable on used cars to five percent instead of the present fifteen percent slammed on importers of used vehicles.

As a result of the high cost of clearing, Muse advised that it is better to buy vehicles from the market than importing cars from abroad. 

Her words, “Look at what we are facing with VIN valuation now, the cost of bringing the car is lower than the cost of clearing it at the port 

“You can buy a car of $5,000 in America, and you are clearing it with almost 7 to 10 thousand dollars here. If you find yourself in such situation, all you will do is to go to the market and buy the car.

“I keep telling people that there is no need bringing cars into Nigeria except those who fancy factory made cars. 

“Since the commencement of VIN, all our people as law abiding citizens do not complain, but what we are saying is that the 15 percent is too much.

“Thank God for the seminars that we had. You can see now that the mouse has gone down because we don’t have issues. People have become used to the system. 

On barging, she expressed shock over intention of the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) to suspend it’s operation in the port over  delays for vessels to berth.

She maintained that barges do not hamper the operations of vessels saying “How many barges are always seen on the waterways.” 

Muse added that barge operations have reduced because of the reduction in 5he freight rate of trucks on the roads.


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