2023: Southern Kaduna Youth Urge Uba Sani To Choose Alhaji Ismail Ashafa As Running Mate


If chosen to serve as the running mate of Distinguished Senator Uba Sani in the forthcoming 2023 Kaduna State gubernatorial election, 

Alh. Isma’il Yusuf Ashafa has all it takes to contribute positively to the development of the state.

A group, Southern Kaduna Progressive Youths, expressed this at a press conference in Kaduna on Wednesday May 25, 2022, with Convener, 

Comr Dauda Yohanna reading the text of the briefing.”Having carved a niche for himself, he has always believed in the spirit of togetherliness and since “bravity is the soul of wit” as postulated by Williams Shakespeare in his novel Hamlet, Yusuf Ashafa is a man with the natural intelligence and endowed with the talent to make the state great via his positive contributions if given the opportunity to jointly serve the state alongside Distinguish senator Uba Sani.
“Therefore ladies and gentlemen, it is no surprise that there are growing calls and agitations amongst the youths of Kaduna State and Southern Kaduna in particular for Alhaji Isma’il Yusuf Ashafa (Sardaunan Ikulu) to join His excellency Senator Uba Sani as a running mate in the race to occupying the Sir Kashim Ibrahim House come 2023,” the group said.
They said that  as youth of  Kaduna State  and their zone, Southern Kaduna, they are at this juncture with a unanimous voice and in one accord, endorsing the calls and yearnings of the people for Alhaji Ismail Yusuf Ashafa (Sardaunan Ikulu) to run with  Distinguished Senator Uba Sani in the build up to the 2023 elections.
“We also want to urge Distinguished Senator Uba Sani to consider picking Alh. Ismail Yusuf Ashafa (Sardaunan Ikulu) as his running mate for the elections, a joint ticket which in our firm believes holds greater chances to a landslide victory at the polls come 2023.
“We have no doubt that Alhaji Isma’il Yusuf Ashafa (The Sardunan Ikulu) posseses the requisite ideas and qualities needed in making Kaduna great and Southern Kaduna better,” they said.
They added that as youth of Southern Kaduna, they were moved to address the press and by extension  the entire people of Southern Kaduna and  Kaduna State in general on the increasing calls and agitations by not just the ever conscious youth of their zone, but amongst youth across Zone 1, 2 and 3 and even outside the state for an Uba Sani/ Alh. Ismail Yusuf Ashafa (Sardaunan Ikulu) joint 2023 Kaduna State  Gubernatorial ticket.
“It is imperative to state here that this yearnings are completely devoid of tribal, religious, party affiliations and any personal sentiments but solely anchored on the pedigree, the personality, and the track records of  Alh. Isma’il Yusuf Ashafa (The Sardaunan Ikulu/ Chigari Saminaka) who is currently serving as an assistant director in the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA) Abuja.
“Ladies and gentle men, it is worthy of note to say that  Alh. Isma’il Yusuf Ashafa who as well is a council member in the Lere Emirate with the title as Chigarin Saminaka is a seasoned administrator, a versatile technocrat and a distinguished gentleman who has demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities and charisma through  deliberate youth and women empowerment and provision of basic amenities across communities he has reached to in Southern Kaduna.
“Alh. Isma’il Yusuf Ashafa has more importantly been part of the peace building processes aimed at bringing lasting peace across Southern Kaduna and the state at large in different sphere of influence,” they pointed out. 
The youth added that he has also achieved this through his philanthropic act, youth and women empowerment in many communities in the state.
“A highly meticulous individual who has been able to combine hard work and due diligence in executing duties assigned to him, Mr. Ismail Yusuf has also continued to resonate as a great leader, consummate administrator, a detribalised individual and personality people can trust,” they stressed.


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