Aviation Fuel: Oil Marketers, Airline Operators Disagree Over Price



Airline operators in the country are currently at loggerheads with oil marketers over the rising prices of JET-A1, also known as aviation fuel.
While marketers have defended the price, which is as high as N600 per litre, airlines have insisted that it is too high, accusing marketers of exploitation.
As a result, airlines have threatened to shut down, forcing the state oil firm, NNPC Ltd., to intervene by importing two cargoes of the product and selling at lower prices to cushion the effect of high operational costs on airlines.
The entire situation has led to increases in airfares.
Chairman, United Nigeria Airlines and Spokesperson of Airline Operators of Nigeria, Obiora Okonkwo, told reporters Thursday during an interview that the current price was too high.
He insisted that the price of aviation fuel per litre should not go as high as it was currently being sold.
He said, “For a country like Nigeria that currently does not have internal production, this fuel is a deregulated product, and the supply comes from outside Nigeria and it is also being determined by the oil market internationally. So, oil prices jumping from 60-70 dollars to 110-120 dollars expectedly should affect the price. With that, we don’t have any problem. We are not holding the government accountable for anything


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