With Jafaar As APC Candidate, Adamawa Northern Zone Is A Done Deal – Party Loyalist


*say any aspirant other than him is  a big minus for the party 


Honorable Jafaar Magaji Haske is seen as one of the spines of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Adamawa Northern Senatorial District, whose stewardship is praised all the time by his constituents.
With his sterling record of representation, a loyalist of the party from Mubi South, Bayero Aliyu Mubi said, the victory of APC in the coming 2023 elections largely depends on  if Jafaar  clinches  the ticket to return as a ranking member for the people of Mubi North, Mubi South, and Maiha at  the National Assembly.
According to Aliyu, the Haske factor is very germane for the APC to comfortably win governorship, Senatorial, and State Assembly seats, because of his glowing political acceptance. 
He said that the performance of Jafaar in the National Assembly as the lawmaker representing Mubi North, Mubi South and Maiha has given APC new acceptance in the area.
He recalled that the lawmaker has done a lot of empowerment to alleviate the socio-economy crisis the people of the area have passed through and are still enduring since Boko Haram  ravaged communities under the Federal Constituency hr is representing.
He described Haske Magaji as an all-around achiever in sponsoring bills and motions and largely contributing to the development of the country.
He called on delegates, party stakeholders, and senior and critical party men not only from  Adamawa Northern zone, but the entire state to rally round Jafaar for another term and for APC to win all elective positions.
“I’m a die-hard APC man with no reservations of my loyalty to the party, I’m here to categorically say that if Magaji can’t get the ticket to return as our representative, APC should forget about winning election in the zone.
” This young man has done it all, he paid the price of being a good leader to our people, and he is having the general acceptance and  the political might to win his election without stress  in all elective positions.
“I’m seeing Madaji as the APC spine and the camelback of the party that cannot be broken if the ticket of the National Assembly is  given to him.
” Let’s all support this man for continuity that will benefit our people and our dear state and for the progress of our great party,” Aliyu said.


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