Adamawa APC Youth Group Harps On Justice, Fair Play As Pillars Of Party’s Victory In 2023



Coalition of All Progressives Congress (APC) Youth in Adamawa State have called on party officials and critical stakeholders in the country to make sure justice and fair play to all party members, especially aspirants vying for elective positions is ensured.
The group in a statement signed by its Chairman, Alhaji Halilu MB Sajo (Khaleel) and made available to our correspondent, said APC was formed by its founding members on the tripod of fairness.
The statement harped on fairness and justice as the only pillars that will make the party infallible and stand strong against the wiles of the ruling party in the state.
Halilu in the letter,  said short of these principles, APC will remain a cajoling party fallen apart from the wishes of its founding fathers.
According to him, the youth of Nigeria, especially in Adamawa State are worried over the coming 2023 polls,  many party members are jittery, fearful of the party’s leaders, who may treat others unjustly as the primaries draw nearer.
Sajo said despite APC being the largest party in Nigeria and indeed the largest in Africa, it should make everyone in the party see it as a role model, good in upholding the principles of democracy by allowing fairness, justice, and good governance in the interest of all people.
The Youth coalition groups called the attention of the party Faithful to realize that APC is in a dicey political situation as the 2023 election approaches, the early to know this as a warning signal, the better for them all.
They said unity, fair play, inclusion, and justice within the party system will make it a winning force in every part of Nigeria if it is properly adhered to.
Sajo in the statement, said the recipe of any successful party is fair play and justice to all, including the nonpartisan politicians, who are mostly onlookers of the political happenings around them.
They warned that the party faithful should be wary of intruders who are hell bent on crippling the party and clipping the wings of those flying with the party’s flag of good manifestos.
“We are calling on all stakeholders across the country to right the wrongs as the primaries of our great party approaches in no distant time.
“In the length and breadth of the country, there has been out cry of pending issues on the last ward, local government and even the state congresses that is yet to be resolved. We are begging in the interest of fairness, unity and justice let all pending issues be resolved before our party’s primaries.
“The woes of the congresses are still hunting us, they seem to bring forward commotion snipping to figure out possible crisis as party’s primaries are close by.
“Leaving all these issues unresolved will cause a serious disharmony, disaffection, and possible massive defections, a catastrophe that will  consume the party and every member to death and bury the party we all pride ourselves around to have people like President Muhammadu Buhari as its founding member.
“This forum has unearthed many sundry issues ranging from irregularities during the last congresses, election malpractices that led to having fake party officials, and litigations hanging around the neck of some party members across the country.
“We are here to say that the general elections are coming with many members keeping one malice or the other, there is a general feeling of hatred and lack of unity in the heart of aggrieved party supporters. Many have complained lack of sense of belonging is eluding the party system. Altered names of many as confirmed delegates and were later told that their names were expunged and removed for reasons that are not convincing to them.
“Adamawa like many states has had its share of a worse effect of the last congresses.  This is still staging threats of disunity among critical stakeholders. 
“Over this, as concerned party youth, we will not be silent while our house is burning and we pray the coming primaries will be devoid of issues and it will not be the thing that will slide the party into the same abyss of political confusion.
” We pray that the blunder of the past will not throw us all into  collosal losers of the coming 2023 elections caused by lack of fair play, justice, and inclusion of all party members. 
“We don’t want a repeat of what happened in Adamawa and Bauchi states in 2019 to show up again in 2023. Let party officials ensure justice and fairness have their full force in the primaries scheduled to take place in a few days to come.
” In essence, we are saying in Adamawa and all the states of the federation, let there be free and fair primaries that are satisfactory to all aspirants. We are making a wake-up press conference to remind all party men, including aspirants that APC cannot afford to lose the election again as another four years of failure will spell doom to the entire party and on every APC man.
“The fact that we are tired of PDP ineptitude governance, it’s either we unite in fair play that will swim us together into victory or we  drown together on a suicidal mission,” the statement said.


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