Education: PERL Meets Stakeholders, Deliberates Implementation Of Second Chance Framework



Partnership to Engage Reform and Learn (PERL), on Tuesday, met with various stakeholders in Kaduna State to deliberate on how to effectively implement the Second Change Education (SCE) Initiative in the state.
The SCE is a special scheme in Kaduna State that aims to enhance existing opportunities of furthering education for females, males and persons living with disabilities (PLWD) or special needs, who missed the opportunity of basic education or dropped out from school at any point for any reasons.
The learning benchmarks set for it’s other education policies for basic and post-basic education levels in the state are also applicable to the SCE scheme.
The benchmarks stipulates that by the end of JSS, 100% of learners who attempt the Basic Education Certificate Examination are expected to achieve at least 7 credit passes in the core subjects.
And by the end of the SSS education, at least 75% of learners should have achieved a minimum of credit passes in 7 subjects, including English language and mathematics.
Speaking at the opening of the one day interface with with citizens and government on the implementation of the SCE framework, State Team Lead of PERL, Abel Adejo, noted that PERL is doing all is can to ensure services are delivered to citizens of Kaduna State.
According to him, “we want to see how the government and citizens can work together to ensure the framework for the implementation of the SCE is delivered for it’s effective use.
“A framework can be developed, but if it is not implemented it has not achieved it’s result. The utmost goal is to ensure that both citizens and government use this tools to engage and at the end we have effective service delivery.
“And that is for the common good of the of all the people in the society. Without education we are nowhere, so education is very important”.
The interface was aimed at increasing citizens and government understanding of the second chance education framework, prepare citizens and government to drive implementation of the second chance framework.
It was also targetted at  planning for advocacy and sensitization to community gatekeepers and follow-up consultative dialogues on the implementation of the Second Chance Education and to agree on strategies for continuous advocacy on the implementation of the framework.


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