Kaduna: $650m Chinese Iron Ore Company Will Provide 3,000 Jobs – LG Chair


By; AMOS TAUNA, Kaduna

The Executive Chairman of Kagarko Local Government Area of Kaduna State, Hon. Nasara Rabo has assured that the $650million Chinese Iron ore company cited in Tafa would provide about 3,000 jobs for unemployed youth in the country.

Nasara stated this in an exclusive interview with the New Nigerian in Kaduna.
He explained that the company will be one of the biggest in the country and by their analysis, it has the capacity to employ about 3,000 workers, both skilled and unskilled.
He said that the initial plan was to set-up the place before 2021, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic and compensation of lands to some few farmers, delayed  starting the mining process.
“The community has the largest deposit of Iron ore,” Rabo said.
According to him, by the time the company starts, there would be need for lots of employee’s services for; banks, police outpost, markets, hotels amongst many other services that will go on with the production of the iron ore.
“The company has given priority to the host community and the state in terms of the employment strategy, and few have already been employed in terms of setting up the place but any moment from now they will start proper recruitment,” he informed.
On agriculture, he said that considering now that  it is rainy season,  the local government has already concluded an arrangement to partner with the Ministry of Agriculture in the state to supply fertilizer at a very subsidized rate for the people of Kagarko Local Government Area.
The Council Chairman, who joined the Southern Kaduna Senatorial race under the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), noted that the council has also written to get clearance to acquire farming implements like; tractors and improved seedlings within the axis, to see how they can change from old seedlings to the modern or improved ones for better farm produce.
He stated,” You know Kagarko Local Government is one of the major producers of ginger, we’re sure of getting fertilizer in  in order to compliment the effort of our farmers,” Rabo promised.


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