Igbo Presidency: Obi The Bridge To A New Nigeria

Peter Obi


The 2023  presidential election in Nigeria has been adjudged Igbo Presidency for the simple reason of equity and fairness, following the outcry by people of the southeast region. To political watchers, it is a position long overdue for the zone, but for the Fulanis with the nomenclature of “born to rule”, power should stay and remain in the North. 

Though, there are voices echoing  their support from zones other than the north, the question remains, what is the north and their minstrels from other zones afraid of with Igbo man as the president of Nigeria. While some political analysts are of the opinion that giving an Igbo man power at that level will make them more domineering, others believe that wrestling power off their grip may pose a difficult task.

However, it is fair to say that what is good for the geese is also good for the gander. Time and tide have proven Igbo man to be competent in all fronts, business, academia, religion, entertainment, among others. In the area of leadership, they are globally tested and trusted. 

Perhaps, one may say that the clog in the wheel of Igbo people getting power at the top is their lack of oneness as they mostly speak in discordant tones. 

Yes, that it is a valid point but it is believed that in time of war, a family presents a united force. Though the Judas zone can not be ignored, the generality of the people of the southeast region believe that it is now or never.

So far, notable politicians from the region in the likes of former Anambra State governor, Peter Obi, Minister for Labour and Employment, Dr Chris Ngige, former senate president, Anyim Pius Anyim, Ebonyi State Governor, Dave Umahi, etc have declared interest to contest the pressidetial seat, but among the big wigs, Obi stands miles apart. He alone holds the key to reform, re-align, rejig the system to return it to its glorious days as giant of Africa. 

Apart from being a bridge builder, Obi is a chaser of wealth and everything good to ensure a workable system. He thrives were others fail. No wonder he was picked by former President, Goodluck Jonathan to be a member of his Economic team. His global wealth of experience makes a mountain out of nothing. It is believed that Obi will replicate the good things he did in Anambra and many more as a president of Nigeria, in the area of security, education, job creation and others. 

In one of his interviews with Arise Television, Obi cited that job creation is one of the vital tools to solving criminality in the country. He also noted there are also other avenues to creating wealth for the country other than total dependence on oil.

Also, during his meeting with the delegates of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Ebonyi State, the former governor maintained that Nigerians are not in need of a consensus candidate but a problem solver that can fix Nigeria.

His words, “Nigerians are looking forward to having somebody that can make Nigeria productive and pull Nigerians out of poverty. Nigeria is not secured, Nigeria is not unified and Nigeria is unproductive and it is collapsing.

“Going by the enormity of Nigeria’s problems, they are not looking for a consensus candidate. They are looking forward to somebody who will start solving their problems.

“The firm duty of a leader is to be a problem solver. Nigerians are looking forward to somebody that can make Nigeria productive and start getting Nigerians to be pulled out of poverty. That’s what Nigerians are looking for, not consensus candidate. So, I want to correct that.

“Even the Northerners; everybody has a problem in Nigeria. Nigeria as it is today is  not secured, Nigeria is not unified and Nigeria is unproductive. 

“It is collapsing. They are looking for a fixer. Somebody who will start creating wealth, not about where is this. Where you come from is important, because some people can say we are looking for equity and justification, which is necessary in a diverse country. But most importantly, we want someone who will start creating wealth in the Nigeria.

“You need to check my track record. I’m a trader. I have operated in the corporate world. I have been a governor. That’s the record you need to check. You don’t need to ask me. Just check my trajectory. And I have been everywhere in the world and I believe I can fix Nigeria.

“I maintain that PDP has an array of candidates who are qualified and competent and everything. But within even competent people, in ‘seria one’ leagues, they are still the best.”

With Obi’s trajectory open for the whole world to see and borrow a leaf from, it is easy to say that he holds the ace, the Mr Fix It”.

While the run for Igbo presidency  continues to be the main discuss, a group under the aegis of Arewa Support Group for Igbo Presidency has called on the party at the center, All Progressives Congress, APC and the People’s Democratic Party, PDP to support the South East in the 2023 presidential election.

According to the national coordinator for the group, Mustapha Imam, the call was necessary in order to promote national unity and ensure peaceful existence and progress in the country.

Imam who made the statement during a press conference in Kano said, “We engaged several interest groups, opinion and all other stakeholders towards finding a staff on who to support during the forth coming 2023 general election. At the end of our consultations,  we arrived at the decision for the sake of equity, justice, unity and progress of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to support the south east to produce the next president. Since the inception of this democratic process from 1999 till date, all the regions have produced President except South East.”

On his part, former vice president, Atiku Abubakar has said that if his party, PDP zones presidency to southeast, he would step aside for them to occupy the center stage, unfortunately, that was not to be.

Like the saying, “There aint no such thing as free lunch”.There must be a hurdle to cross to achieve greatness in life, hence the competition is healthy and allowed in the game of politics.

Undoubtedlly, the politicians that have so far filed out are all good in their own ways but like Obi said, there will always be a top striker. 

Indeed Nigeria needs a fixer, because all the chambers have lost its screws and are about losing its grip at the center. The time to do it is now, with Mr Peter Gregory Obi, 1an Igbo man with versed experience, a feminine voice Agulu born econmist who believes in bridging the gap, identifying with different cadres sowing for the children, children’s children, the yet to be born and for tomorrow.


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