Voluntary FRSC Marshal Tasks Makinde, Oyo Govt On Road Repairs


By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan
A voluntary Officer of the Federal Road Safety Corps, Pastor Francis Oghuna has advised the Oyo State Governor, Engr Seyi Makinde on way out of the incessant traffic logjam on  Eleyele-Ologuneru-Eruwa Road.

The Voluntary Road Marshal who lamented the heavy traffic dis-orderliness in Ibadan stressed  in a statement made available to the media that the problem could be solved if his suggested logistics and advice could be considered.
Pastor Oghuna stressed, ” Eleyele Bus Stop and Roundabout is one of the busiest junctions in Oyo State. It connect the busy Sango and Eruwa to other major cities through the fastest developing Area Ologuneru.The menace of unending traffic Jam in Eleyele has further made life’s difficult for both pedestrians, commuters and residents” .
“The problem of traffic jam was permanently solved and eradicated with the construction of Jericho/Eleyele Expressway. Then, all vehicle going to Ologuneru axis, ply from the roundabout through Eleyele Water Works Road (One way), while it was also One way from Ologuneru/Cashew-nut to Eleyele” he said.
Pastor Oghuna added, ” the new phase of Terrible Traffic’s Jam (TTJ) began with the dualisation of Eleyele junction to Eruwa garage, upon the construction and expansion of Eleyele Ologuneru Road respectively.”
“This little short dualized portion on part of the road, is the cause of the Eleyele traffic. Also it has not only been responsible for Traffic’s Jam but has as caused many fatal accidents, claiming many lives, because vehicles are  uncontrollably running through the pavement been so sudden in the middle of the road at Eruwa garrage. All the accidented marks are on the short pavement for confirmation”
According to the clergy man, the causes of the traffic disorderliness included “the dualisation of Eleyele Eruwa garage. Wherein road users Dugbe/Eleyele and Sango Eleyele try to squeeze vehicle originating from approximately Five lanes into a single lane part the dualised portion.(the end result is gridlock/Traffic Jam
 “The dualisation of few metres or part of the between Eruwa Junction/Cashew nut to Eleyele Bus stop is uncalled for hence the main reason the road hardship has returned.Allowing dual carriageway of Eruwa Garage through Water Works to Eleyele Sango junction is another problem.”
Pastor Oghuna stressed thatthe traffic jam could be corrected by “ordering relevant Authority as a matter of emergency to remove the road divider/pavement (of short dualised portion: Eleyele Bus Stop to Eruwa Garage), saying, ” road  is meant to serve the good people and not impose advance hardship on the road users, residents and pedestrians”. 
” Because the pavement of the short portion has further narrowed the road without a service lane, hence making it difficult or impossible for vehicular slow down, drop/pick passengers nor stop for whatsoever reason. The pavement removal will end the fatal accidents, enlarge the bus stop, free of traffic jam and easy life return to the people again.
“Eleyele Water Works Road, must as a matter of urgency be returned to a One Way road again (Strictly Sango/Eleyele-Ologuneru). Whilst Eruwa Junction/Cashew nuts to Eleyele Junction be returned also to serve again only as one way to Eleyele”
With these recommendations, he said,  life would return to normal in Eleyele and the fast progressive development of Ologuneru and it surbub will again  regain its further prospective investors and developers, adding that accidents woul be reduced or free in the axis and no traffic jam will exist or sighted again in Eleyele Environs..
He enthused that with the inspection and recommendations as an active PCRC Provost Marshal – Eleyele division and Chairman Traffic Control Cimmittee, “we shall have a traffic free Eleyele for all”


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