2023: Why Lawal Yahaya Is Choice For Madobi State Assembly Kano



Leadership is not only about technical ability and competence, but also display of   emotions. 
Human beings are emotional creatures at heart and react to emotional appeals and influences. 
If you are passionate about the task before you, you are  likely to be able to generate positive emotional responses in your constituency.
Lawal Yahaya is looked upon by the people that have tested his leadership as a figure of trust and someone who is reliable. 
He possesses and displays confidence in order to reassure and inspire subordinates.
A leader lacking intelligence is hard to respect, both for those he leads and for the world in general. 
He needs to be able to act with wisdom and make decisions that are beneficial to the society and those within it. 
Without intelligence,  a leader is incapable of attaining excellence either personally or for the society.
Lawal as Chairman of Madobi Local Government Area, always displays passion and enthusiasm for the role and the general purpose to which his leadership is directed.
Exemplary leadership is a hard ideal to live up to because of the responsibilities of the leadership role and the pressures that come with it.
However, successful leaders appear to have a number of skills and characteristics in common. 
Some people appear to possess these qualities innately, hence the term ‘born leader’, while others have  to work hard to develop them.
This makes many people in his area express their support for him to represent them at Kano House of Assembly by 2023.


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