North Remains Kingmaker In NIgeria, Northern Elders Rebuke Tinubu



The North has always been a kingmaker in Nigeria and that position is yet to change.
Convener of the Northern Elders Forum, Professor Ango Abdullahi expressed this, in a welcome address delivered at opening of a Meeting of Leaders of Thought at the Arewa House Kaduna on Saturday January 15,  2022.
“I heard somebody boasting some few days ago that he was a kingmaker and now he wants to be king,” he said. 

Professor Ango lamented that NIgeria presently is going through several challenges, expressing optimism that the meeting will proffer practical solutions.
“Look at events in our country which are challenging and see whether we as leaders of thoughts from this part of the country can proffer solutions.
“Perhaps this is the first time we are getting together as leaders of thoughts from this part of the country.
“This became necessary because over the years, that people get together and address issues affecting them, in this case, issues affecting this part of the country needs to be addressed..
“As I look around this hall, I kept asking where is so so and so, where is so so and so.
I remember for some of us who have gone through Ahmadu Bello University some years ago,  some of them visited me and suggested time has come for me to go and rest.
“They promised things will be different that they will take over the challenges confronting us, not just in the country, but our region.
“Things don’t seem to be getting better, rather things seem to be getting worse, particularly some of the things we would be discussing this afternoon,” he said.
He stressed that challenges in Nigeria are many, complex and challenging.
“Solutions would be proffered here to take this country out of the woods,” he assured.


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