How AFAN Is Supporting NIgeria’s Agricultural Policies



It is known that managing an association or other non-governmental  organisations  is not an easy task due to how  such associations were formed by mainly adults, which needs extra care in all its activities.

Similarly, farmers  associations often encounter some minor challenges like what is being witnessed in Nigeria,  where the nation's popular farmers association  known as All Farmers Association of Nigeria ( AFAN) suffered a little bit of factional leadership although the authentic national president, Kabir Ibrahim remains committed to the progress of the association despite the said leadership rift.

With such challenges,  Nigerian farmers were facing so many obstacles in getting all what is expected towards the progress of their production at both dry and rainy seasons, which has for a long period remained a tough challenge  that is also  retarding almost everything related to agricultural development in the country.

But due to the determination and zeal of the national president, Architect Kabir Ibrahim, AFAN is now united and working with one voice which would  enable  Nigerian farmers to really benefit from President Muhammadu Buhari's  policies on agriculture.

 It is also important to understand that the AFAN  national president remains  committed and straight forward to ensuring that all categories of farmers  benefit with all the relevant  policies in  agriculture  and gain access to various programmes that are directly related to agricultural development in Nigeria.

Furthermore, the national president being in the field of agriculture for quite a long time, and as a duly elected national leader of  AFAN,  has dedicated himself to  working with the new dawn in the agric ministry  to ensuring that all that is expected towards the progress of agriculture is being brought to the system and at every location without.

In this regard, Nigerian farmers describe Architect Kabir Ibrahim who is also an authentic AFAN national president as a leader who technically knows how to handle, manage and provide excellent services towards the progress of agriculture in Nigeria.

Most of such farmers who interacted with our correspondent, commended the AFAN National leader  for his commitment and determination to promoting national economy through agriculture, a programme which would continue to be highlighted in a series  of publications.


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