Athletics: My Role In Sports Now Advisory – Alli




Nigeria athletics legend Yussuf Alli has restated his earlier stance that his role in Nigeria sports, especially in athletics, is advisory.

Speaking against the backdrop of a newspaper publication that he has been nominated to serve as a member of the technical sub-committee of Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN) Alli said,

“I have had more than my fair share of serving on committees and sub-committees in AFN, I think it’s now time to give the opportunity to younger ones to serve, learn and grow on the job the way Abdulkareem Amu and MAK Ogun also gave me opportunities”

Alli recalled that he stopped competing in 1993 and he became AFN Technical Director and Vice-President a year later.

“I also served as Technical Director of AFN from 1995 to 1998. I was the coordinator of Team Nigeria to Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, I served in COJA when Solomon Ogba was president of AFN I practically run the technical committee and department. Now it’s time for me to give opportunities to younger ones”

Alli revealed that not serving on the committee does not mean he has distanced himself from athletics or the current board,

“The new president of AFN, Tony Okowa, is a friend and brother I am solidly behind him. To ensure that he succeeds my doors are open to all committee members and other stakeholders in athletics all day and all night I am ready to assist them. My decision not to serve on any sub-committee is just to give younger ones opportunities” said Alli.


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