Nigeria Cadastral Mining Office In Safe Hands



Indisputable leaders the world over are known for their ability to face the truth head on, eloquence, starkness, visionary, sincerity of purpose and above all selfless services to humanity which Engr. Obadiah Simon Nkom  is a precision of all the qualities of a modern leader, the entire universe is yearning for, unarguably; the Nigeria Cadastral Mining office in distinction has done perfectly well since he took the mantle of leadership and based on the way and manner the stakeholders are pleased with his sterling performances  with  particularly reference to the focus of President Muhammadu Buhari’s body language of mining industry as a way of revenue generation. 
One thing men of clout have in common is their taciturnity. Most goal getters do their thing without blowing the rooftop with praise singing. 
 For Engineer Obadiah Simon Nkom’s leadership acumen, it has been the story of successes recorded since his appointment in 2019.
The untold success stories of Nigerian Cadastral Mining Office  Abuja is anchored on probity, transparency and excellent managerial acumen displayed by the agency led by Engr. Obadiah Simon Nkom. 
The reality on ground seems unbelievable and even unachievable to the doubting Thomas’s and naysayers
Today, Engr. Obadiah, is doing excellently, it is for this, that I am doing this feature to amplify the achievements of the current management of the Nigerian Cadastral Mining office Abuja. 
This augmentation for the erudite Director-General for gargantuan turnarounds and expansions for better services to the entire nation as the agency  has achieved feats and notably are the  expansions  which  witnessed the creation of  Zonal Offices in six geo- political zones of the country; comprising of Kaduna, Jos, Ibadan, Benin, Maiduguri and Enugu  the agency has also generated 2.5 billion revenue to the government’s coffers, making it the highest revenue generated by the agency since  inception.
He has also migrated all the office activities to online platform, called eMC Plus for transparency and efficient service delivery to the public.
Since the beginning of social enthusiasm, provisions have been carefully structured to recognize and reward those whose performances thrill mankind, including public and private organizations and even changed communities for overall interest of all and sundry.
Unfortunately, there is vast number of remarkable men and women who have carved a niche for themselves through personal and  official engagements, but these people are rarely recognized and celebrated. 
Several refuse to make headlines while some either by omission or commission, have been sidelined.

The Director-General, Nigerian Cadastral Mining Office Abuja, Engineer Obadiah Simon Nkom is in the latter category of these venerated personalities.
Mr. Nkom has made positive reforms that have placed the agency as one of the performing ones in Nigeria.
He is doing everything humanly possible in making mining industry more attractive to investors. Such innovations include regulatory transaction costs, while enhancing collaborative endeavors as necessary ingredients for creating conducive business environment for the endowed mineral deposits in Nigeria. 
This goes a long way to show-case the Director-General’s preparedness, inequity and veracity   to take the agency to its rightful place in the mining industry in Nigeria is indeed paramount.

 The recent positive reforms by the agency shows how serious Mr. Nkom and his dynamic team can go in optimizing robustness of the regulatory framework for development and harness abundant mineral resources and the mining industry in Nigeria.
 The Nigeria Cadastral Mining office Abuja is achieving results based on the mission, vision, mandates and the core values  of establishing the agency in line with  President Muhammadu Buhari’s  economic drive to take the mining industry to the next  level for economic prosperity..
Also, the  director’s strategy of reducing approval cycle, entry barriers and regulatory transaction costs as necessary ingredients for creating conducive business environment is the right foot forward.
It is in realization of these critical deliverables, that a holistic automation process, through information technology and infrastructure deployment to enhance global competitiveness of the mining industry were put in place by Engr. Obadiah Simon Nkom who has served as the 30th President of Nigerian Mining and Geo-Science Society (NMGS).
Judging from the Director -General’s robust knowledge and technical know-how on the mining industry, one can safely say that under his watch, the Nigerian Cadastral Mining Office Abuja would certainly witness a monumental turnaround for optimal performance.  
Mr. Nkom’s drive for service to fatherland is demonstrated by his robust base in the regulatory arm of oil and gas as panacea to take an enviable height. 
The stakeholders are in tandem with his style of leadership and administrative acumen.
A strong believer in the Nigerian project, Engr. Obadiah has achieved and accomplished remarkable feats in every responsibility in the mining sector of the nation’s economy.  
Following his appointment in 2019, Obadiah enjoined all members of staff, the stakeholders inclusive, to redefine Nigeria Cadastral Mining Office’s concept, ideas and structures with astute enthusiasm.
 Truly, Engr. Obadiah, t has all it takes to do more due to his robust experience in the I the Mining sector.
Engr. Obadiah as, prior to this appointment, combines exceptional intellect and the vision upon which the agency was established in the.
 The main objective for establishing the agency is to regulate the mining industry in Nigeria through several activities. 
 The Mining Cadastral Office was established to independently administer mineral titles to those who want to invest in the sector. 
It plays pivotal roles in the economic diversification is achievable under the watchful eyes of Engr. Obadiah   sterling performances so far.
 Nigerians should be rest assured the mission and vision of Nigerian Cadastral Mining will be achieved as the DG and his management team are capable of distinguishing themselves through hard work, honesty and commitment to the service of the country. 
An administrator par excellence and a patriot, Nkom is selfless, humble even to a fault, and a team player. 
It is his philosophy that managers should at all times be exemplary. He is focused on ensuring that the staff work towards the actualization of the mining sector’s core mandate, which is necessary for any organization to thrive. 
In fact, he strongly believes the Mining sector has a serious role to play in helping the government implement its policies and programmes through performing its statutory roles. 
 Adnan Namiji sent this piece in from the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja.


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