Jaba Kaduna Assembly Aspirant Promises Better Deal For Constituents


By; AMOS TAUNA, Kaduna

A Kaduna State House of Assembly aspirant from Jaba Local Government Area of the state, Mr Solomon Nuhu Jazom, has said that he is determined to change the trend of legislative narrative for the betterment of his people in 2023 if voted into power.
Speaking to New Nigerian in Kaduna, he said he is harping his campaign on meeting the immediate challenges of his rural people, saying that his immediate concern is how to attract constituency projects that would see more of primary and secondary schools constructed and renovated for his people.
According to him, agriculture which is the main source of income from the grassroots farmers, would be given a moral boost particularly ginger which is an international product. 
On sports, he said, “Being a young man with special interest in sporting activities, I want to unite all the youth in order to make them see it as a revenue earner and a way of fostering peace and harmony among themselves irrespective of political or religious differences. 

“Health is the bedrock of wealth and development. To this end, l intend to touch the lives of the people by attracting modern health facilities for the Primary Health Care Centres. 

“As the world moves to a global village, l want to integrate my people with the happenings in the area of technology because it is a source of income and exposure. Centres would be established for trainings in this direction. 

“Unlike what is obtainable now in Jaba local government where people hardly know or have contact with their representative, l hope to bring this concept of meeting and deliberating with the people on my stewardship every Quarter, this would serve as a feedback mechanism of his representation. 

“Water sustains life, l hope to attract boreholes and bigger water projects in the Wards of Jaba Local Government as a Member. 

“Rehabilitation, minor patching and construction of new roads as constituency projects from the state government would be his major focus here. 

“Under my tenure, once elected into Kaduna State House of Assembly, l hope to personally encourage the rural kids and the youth to attend schools, l will assist them with school fees then see ways l can lobby jobs for those from my constituency once elected. 

“The focus of my work here would be to engage those who are not in formal education since no food resides for a lazy man, so that they can be gainfully employed in order to contribute to their families and the local government.”

According to him, he said he is popularly called ‘Biggy’ by both the old and younger generation, adding that he was born in Kwoi town in Jaba Local Government Council of Kaduna State. 

“At the age of 40 years and above, under my disciplined parents who are God fearing, hardworking, dedicated, committed to their farming endeavours with good reputation in the community, I hope to diligently work for the people of my constituency faithfully,” he assured. 


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