Reps Suleiman Bankrolls 1,000 Free Surgeries, Provides Drugs For 10,000 Constituents



In his effort to make medical care accessible for people from less privileged families , member House of Reps, Hon. Samaila Suleiman has flagged off a seven day free medical programme covering 12 wards of Kaduna North Federal Constituency.

While declaring open the healthcare exercise, Hon. Suleiman said a total of One thousand people would benefit from free surgery on fibroid, appendicitis,
hernia and other life-threatening ailments, adding that another Ten Thousand would get free drugs on Malaria, typhoid, arteritis among others.

Explaining further, the two term legislator revealed the free surgeries would be performed on patients with fibroid, appendicitis, hernia and others, adding that drugs for treating various ailments such as malaria, typhoid, high blood pressure among others, would also be distributed free of charge.

He stated that the free health program would be a continuous ritual to ensure more people benefitted from it, urging residents of Kaduna North with various health challenges to make themselves available for the ongoing exercise that would last for one week.

” It unsettles me whenever I see my people in distress, especially those with health challenges without the muscles to access medical services.

” It is an incontrovertible fact in any democratic project worth its salt that welfare , particularly Medicare of citizens should be first and primary responsibility of policy makers and implementers .

” In a situation people are left on their own to cater for their health expenses is not fair and would not ensure a socially balanced society built on equity , fairness and justice for all .

” The present situation of lack of comprehensive and effective medicare program and insurance for less privileged members of the society should not be allowed to overwhelm the downtrodden.

” Health and welfare of the masses must be given primary importance and attention particularly in this time of pandemic on one ailment or another.

” Many have lost their lives due to ailments that would have cost little to treat but because they are not financially buoyant and nobody to come to their aid.

” I will continue to do my best to ensure my people in need of medical attention are not abandoned to their fate as long as the resources to bankroll their treatments are available, he assured.


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