Nigerian Farmers Promoting National Economy Through Agriculture – Large Scale Farmer



Nigerian farmers can produce enough food for domestic consumption and feed other countries if given more support from the federal government especially when the present administration’s policies on agriculture  remain active.

Alhaji Usman Dan Gwari, a Kano based large scale farmer expressed this in an interview with our correspondent during a visit to his Kwanar Dangora rice farm, adding that Nigeria is blessed with  conducive and fertile lands that suit all categories of crops, depending on the topography of every section.

He noted that, ” the present administration is always working selflessly towards the progress of agriculture but our only problem is lack of implementation of policies that are meant for the Nigerian farmers which is a great slap to   agriculture,” he lamented.

Alhaji Usman Dan Gwari called on the new minister of agriculture and rural development to bring out more techniques that would enable farmers to multiply their production like what is contained in the ministry’s master plan for food production to promotes national economy through agriculture.

Dan Gwari commended the All Farmers Association of NIgeria (AFAN) under the leadership of Architect Kabir Ibrahim for steering the affairs of the association selflessly and in accordance with the regulations and laws that govern the establishment of the association since his election as national president.


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