Drug Abuse: Bureau To Commence Testing  Of Kaduna Secondary School Students

The Kaduna Bureau for Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment has said that it will begin drug tests for secondary school students to curb prevalence of drug abuse in the state.
Director General of the agency,  Dr Baka Isah-Shaedouw  said on Wednesday in Kaduna that the drug test is the sure way for helping them understand the negative impact of substance abuse in their lives.
He said the agency will carry out a survey to establish the prevalence and incident of substance abuse in secondary schools and society.
“We want to conduct this survey and work on it. So we intend to train people on it because the survey will last for a month or two.
According to him, more enlightenment programmes on drugs abuse will be conducted in secondary schools and primary schools.
“We are extending this enlightenment programmes to primary school because some teachers expressed concern that some pupils in primary schools are already into drugs substance.
“We need the support and understanding of the Local Government  since the schools and under them and  SUBEB because last year we targeted campaigns on  drug Abuse to 500  secondary school but couldn’t get the target due to some challenges which we were only able to get 200 which is below average.
According to him, the clubs will promote alternative activities to drug involvement, increase understanding of its dangers, encourage students to resist drug use and persuade those using drugs to seek help.
The Director General also said that the agency will acquire drug testing kits.
He said the agency will also collaborate with the State Primary Healthcare Development Agency to train health workers on preventive measures and treatment modalities .
“The state government have plans to integrate drug prevention and treatment into the Primary Agency.  With this, it will go a long way to ensure that drug abuse program goes as far as Ward level.
“If we are able to effectively train them,  people who are actively involved in delivery service, it will cover almost all because they will take it to ward level.
He also said that the agency will collaborate with the Ministry of Youth and Sports to organise drug free competition.
According to him, the State government just approved in the last budget building of the three rehabilitation centers one each in the senatorial zones.
Isah-shaedouw also said that the agency intend to rally round chairpersons and Executive of Local Government Areas  to curb Illegal operation of drinking joints.
“We understand that all drinking houses are licensed by the Local Government Areas  and many of them are not licensed and some operate 24hours which should not be the case.
“I know some years back police arrest people but nowadays you see people drinking all through the night
“We want to ensure that operators adhere strictly to these and drinking in residential houses too are stopped because it is a nuisance to the society.”


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