I’ll Focus On Youth Empowerment If Elected Member Igabi Fed Constituency – NNPP Candidate



Ahead of the forthcoming general elections in 2023, the candidate of New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) under Igabi Federal Constituency Kaduna State, Hon Abubakar Sha’aibu Goma has pledged to look into youth empowerment issue as one of the major ways of tackling insecurity in the country.

Speaking in an interview in Kaduna after an interactive session with Rigasa Action And Awareness Forum (RAAF), at the Gov’t Secondary School (GSS) Rigasa, Hon Abubakar Goma explained that one of his main focus if given the mandate to serve in the legislature, would  be the empowerment of youth.

He added that one of the major factors that contribute to the issue of insecurity across the nation especially in the North, is  lack of job security, that most youth, either graduates or not, are  jobless with no hope of having a bright future.

Hon Goma said that, “one of the problems being faced by most of our teeming youth is idleness that one will wakeup in the morning and has nothing to do except moving from one point  to the other  till the end of the day.

“So, when you invest in empowering the youth by creating jobs and engaging them to an extent that most are not idle, the level of crime within our communities will be reduced, because they’ll be acting responsible towards looking after themselves and  their families.

“For someone who wakes up in the morning, thinking he has something legit doing and proceeds to his workplace, and he will not return back home to his family until  evening, especially when he’s hoping to return back home with something good, such will always think positive and act positively.

“Children are God’s gifts that one needs to take care of  from the inception, because by the time they’re within their first seven years, they behave like monkeys that  parents need to look after  with utmost care, while in their second seven years, they behave like dogs,  especially when they don’t attend school.

“And in the  third seven years, they behave like donkeys by trying to prove stubborn, and when they don’t get proper control and support from their parents, they might go astray from being reasonable and responsible. As such,  it’s only the government that can take care of them if the parents can’t, and when the government authorities can’t, then the highest they can do is to keep them out of the picture.” He said.

The Igabi NNPP Federal Constituency candidate noted that, empowering of  youth in various communities across the nation is something that has a very strong impact in every environment and he will do his possible best to ensure he gives back to the youth of his constituency, if given the chance come 2023.


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