I Won’t Go To The Market Place To Advise Buhari – Attiku

By; Bala B. Bitrus, Minna.
Former Vice President, Abubakar Atiku has said that he will not openly talk about the present administration or proffer solutions on the way out of the present socio economic logjam via the public gallery.
He said he has since resolved not to stand in the open market place to advise the present government publicly in contrast to what many Nigerians would have expected him to do. “I don’t want what I say to be in the public domain or on the pages of newspapers” he insisted. 
Speaking to journalists after ‎his over two hours meeting with ‎the former Military President, Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, (IBB) held behind closed doors at the later’s Uphill residence in Minna, Atiku explained that talking with President Buhari on one-on-one is better than going to the market place to say what one wants to say.
The former Vice President had arrived the M‎inna International Airport in a chartered aircraft with registration number T7 AAA at about 12:40pm and was received by Governor Abubakar Sani Bello who also led him to IBB’s residence.
While speaking with newsmen, Atiku restated his stance on the restructuring of Nigeria where he argued that what was paramount now was for the country to embrace the idea for good and begin to set the stages to do the right thing.
He insisted that the realities of today do not support the continuation with the old order saying Nigeria has to restructure since the present state of the country no longer assuage the many questions agitating the minds of many according to him.
He said for long he had held the belief that what was necessary for Nigeria was to change the old order because what had subsisted in the past, is no longer feasible or reasonable. But he however quickly added that the choice was for Nigerians to decide. “It is left for Nigerians to decide” he summed up. 
 He said when it becomes absolutely necessary for him to proffer solutions on the way forward to the government in power, “i will do that in confidence”.
“It will be in confidence because i was in government before. I know what it means. I will only advise the government in confidence so that it won’t be on the pages of newspapers” he said.
In answer to probings by pnewsmen on his mission to Minna, Attiku said “I came to visit the former President, General Babangida and also to wish him well since he returned from his medical vacation abroad. That is the reason why i am here”.


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