I can reduce HIV/AIDS to barest minimum if — Yaro Medicare …. Opens Up on Dangers of ARVDs


After perseverance, a HIV/AIDS researcher and expert in Microbiology who majored in Parasitology opens up on the seeming implication imminent in the usage of Anti-Retro Virus Drugs (AVDs) on HIV/AIDS patients.He also speaks on his highly expensive treatment and cure discovery. These revelations and many more were made in an interview with JACOB ONJEWU DICKSON. The HIV cure claimant is Professor Ayodele Adeleye, Director Yaro Medicare Laboratories and Research Center, Kaduna. Excerpts:

Virtually, every drug has it side effect, is there anyone in the use of Anti- Retroviral drug on positive people?
Before I respond, let me say that in view of the widely acceptability of the allegation of lack of cure for HIV/AIDS, it has become imperative to answer few questions of this nature that reveals importance on the way YaroMedicare HIV killer cure work in contrast with the much accepted usage of retroviral drugs on HIV/AIDS patients.
These answers will go a long way to help those looking out for permanent cure for the disease, to understand the use of YaroMedicare and cure system, and that of retroviral drugs.
So, how do the retroviral drugs work, and if there is any side effects of the drugs?
The retroviral drugs suppress the activity of HIV in the destruction of the immunity system of the body. It slowly replaces the natural immunity system in the body. When used for a long time, and subsequently stopped for a short period of time, it brings about serious devastating infection in the blood that may lead to sudden death. CD4 is used to check the activity of the Anti retroviral drug usage.
Does the use of retroviral drugs sustain life permanently?
The answer is certainly no. It can only keep patient going for some time. In the beginning, there will be serious improvement of health of the user. From five years upward, deterioration of the health slowly begins especially for those living above an average life. Most evidences of this deterioration are the rashes, loss of wealth, appetite and strength. These are similar symptoms noticed at initial stage of the persons suffering from HIV.
What is the effect of constant usage of retroviral drugs?
By the time the usage of retroviral drug is up to 20yrs there will be serious setback in health life of the users that are prone to serious break down as a result of infection, which may result in the termination of life. Drugs resistant forms will overtake the present usage.
How does your own Yaromedicare HIV killer works?
Yaromedicare HIV killer is very unique. It completely kills the HIV virus in the blood of the affected person. It diffuses very fast into all part of the body. That is why treatment time takes 2-4 hours only. The only noticeable side effect is mild dizziness after the intake. From observation, it is not all patients that experience the mild dizziness. So, 2-4 hours is the treatment time for our medicare HIV killer, the killing effect starts immediately and can be notice on the face of the patient which becomes smooth and round in contrast to the lean and bony nature. Furthermore, the perpetual weakness starts disappearing.
Is Yaromedare HIV killer an immune booster?
No, it is not. Its only kills the HIV virus. We recommend immune booster to be taken for the period of six months after the treatment for patients to regain lost immunity.
How does one become immune after taken the Yaromedicare HIV killer?
Like vaccination outside the body, e g small pox, polio, yellow fever etc, patient will test positive to ascertain immunity. When tested after treatment, it will show positive to confirm that immunity has been achieved. Positivity will disappear after a few years. In the case of Yaromedicare HIV killer treatment, patient will still test positive as before. A comprehensive immunity test to confirm immunity after 6 months of treatment will be carried out at our center.
What about those who test negative after the six months of treatment?
If a patient test negative to HIV 6 months after our treatment, it means that the HIV virus has been totally removed from the body but the person do not have immunity to resist HIV virus. Such person can be re-infected, and should be careful and avoid indiscriminate sex and other means of being infected by HIV virus.
Will the immune HIV patient remains positive for life?
No, it all depends on the level of infection of the body cell. As the body immunity mature, the infected cell continues to degenerate whilst T lymphocytes will hold the memory of the anti body produced from the death HIV cell. This memory remains for life as the HIV cells gradually disappears from the body system. At this stage patient will test negative. It takes 5-8 months for this to be achieved for patient to be permanently immune for life.
Can a Nursing Mother breast feed her baby after taken your treatment?
Not always, every child must be tested for HIV after 3 months. Our medicare is used for babies after 3 months of birth without side effect. All stages of pregnancy are treatable without any side effect. No toxic or abdominal effect.
Taking Yaromedicare HIV killer with other drugs in relation to infection not associated to HIV is also allowed.
Our medicare cure all stages of HIV with the exception of serious organ damage, but it cannot be taking as preventive to HIV infection. Retroviral drugs will be stopped after our treatment to avoid destroying the already built immunity and no need for CD4 since there are no more retroviral drugs.
Between the #600,000-#1million currently being charge for the treatment of HIV/AIDS in your place is, no doubt, quite high as many Nigerians cannot afford it, what are you doing about that?
Well, I have been assisting some people with pathetic and very bad situation even though the cost of research and getting the materials are so expensive. Because of the cost of materials used, reducing the cost of treatment will be difficult, if I must to stay put. Unless, of course, government intervenes by providing support in the form of subsidy, there is nothing I can do to cut down the cost. If the government subsidy is provided, I can reduce HIV/AIDS to the barest minimum, if not completely eliminated from Nigeria.


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